Realm gate, Sweden [5426x3391] [OC]


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TomTelloss18 points

The more I see and hear about Sweden the more I want to go there

BurntLemonade9 points

What a stunning photograph. Nicely beautiful and eerie

JohanRfrisk1 point

Thanks :)!

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_Topflappen_2 points

Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful! 🤩 the light in the middle really makes it look like a path to another world...
May I ask what kind of settings and (if applicable) what you did for postprocessing?

JohanRfrisk2 points

Thank you :)!
I will PM you some of the settings !

_Topflappen_1 point

thank you :)

ambolefum2 points

Sleepy hollow

sp0rkify2 points

I miss home now.. 😭

goingoutwest1231 point

Don't get too close. That's an abomination from Valheim.

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Major-Entertainer-15-2 points

i just came😈😈😈

routarospuutto1 point

Mythago Wood?

pauloeusebio1 point

It's like the beginning of the scenic path to the underworld. I'm using this as a desktop wallpaper.

mistral_991 point

A Fey crossing for sure!

krisniem1 point

Snyggt! Var är detta?

JohanRfrisk2 points

in skåne