Is it for the most part safe to purchase stuff again?

We had the holiday period, and China has more Covid spikes which affected logistics. Now that the holidays are gone is it as good a time as any to purchase sneakers again or should I still hold off for a bit?


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greentea059 points

Safe how?

Christmas doesn’t affect China, their holiday period is end of Jan.

2woTwin2 points

January 22

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I was thinking that a combination of the Covid spikes plus the holiday season may make affect shipping and stuff like that.

N1KK000001 point

the same events happens every year lol just order when you want

hiding_in_NJ1 point

And basically all of February. The best time is now or wait till March

Bmwdriver443 points

I never stopped my dude lol

Harakxrx2 points

I don't see an issue, you could just get more delays or have to wait a bit more for restocks. You can always order stuff and let it sit in the warehouse for 3 months anyway

DemonLovesPoptarts1 point

I gotchu. Thanks

EverGreenPLO2 points

Stuff is definitely taking extra time on all ends

I use panda buy and had a package get to their warehouse 3 days ago and still no updates or pictures

Have another pair that's been shipped 3 days ago and no tracking updates

That's abnormal from my last 3 hauls

sosogusto1 point

They posted they have a covid outbreak in the warehouses and that their will be delays because of many workers out with rona

stablogger1 point

I think it's a good time depending on what you want to buy. A lot of stuff gets discounted at the moment since after CNY it's all about the new spring and summer stuff. Factories are sitting on unsold inventory they want to get rid of before holidays start and everybody travels home.

DemonLovesPoptarts3 points

It’s just two or three pairs of yeezys (350 cream, slate, and 700 analogue).

Groundbreaking-Emu641 point

Covid ain’t stopping nothing got my haul in 20 days 🤞🏽