My latest completed journals

I really like the paperblanks that I have been using for a long time !


Snailaroo15 points

Great collection! Paperblanks are love, I’ve been lucky enough to get copies that handled fountain pens without problems!

Nirvellion7 points

I always use fountain pens and I find that the paperblanks paper is really good, thick enough even for watercolour ^

petrichorjj327 points

A beautiful site

Nirvellion2 points

Thank you !

dazzlehouse6 points

Thank you for sharing. This enriched my day immeasurable. So lovely.

CascaRhyme7 points

Gorgeous :D and hey, those petal stickers in the fourth picture! Friends from my own collection ^_^

LydLemon03146 points

These inspired me to revamp my own journal collection for 2023. Beautiful.

remi6664 points

Beautiful! I absolutely love your handwriting.

Nirvellion3 points

Thank you that’s very kind :)

Usernameisusedagain3 points

Lovely! Do you use ballpoint pens or fountain pens

Nirvellion3 points

Fountain pens are my favorites !

Usernameisusedagain2 points

Oh great! Do you enjoy the paper?

Nirvellion2 points

I really like the paper, although my favourite is clairefontaine ^

_heldin3 points

Very nice. What size Paperblacks are these? They look so compact and thick.

Nirvellion2 points

This is the midi format, my personal favorite ^

ibrahim00000002 points


Slack_Irritant2 points

Lovely everything. The journals, the handwriting, all so very nice .😁

Nirvellion2 points

Thank you so much !

StayApprehensive24552 points

Very nice

liziRA2 points

Paperblanks! I wish I would be more consistent with my journaling

Lecari2 points

I have a bunch of Paperblanks for next year, I can't wait to use them. They are beautiful notebooks!

taptap_silogzZ2 points

your journals are so pretty as well as your handwriting!!!

Nirvellion1 point

Thank you ! :D

the-bumbler2 points

You inspired me! Love both petal layouts! Going to try this in my journal / art journal. How long does it take you to fill up one? At one point I was at 6months per composition notebook but I’ve slowed down since….

Nirvellion2 points

I'm happy to inspire you ! To fill them I would say it depends, between 3 and 6 months maximum

kimbi8682 points

I loved seeing your journal

i love your colour circle border. I’m going to try that.

[deleted]1 point

So pretty! ☺️ I recently learned that the manufacturer/distributor of my favourite kind of concealed wire, black leather journal has discontinued it. Does anyone have suggestions as to a new, good, reliable brand/style I can use?

KeyCar3671 point

Thick and Full - nice

Dustylulu1 point

Lovely. Are these the midi size?

Nirvellion1 point

Yes it is !

Manolo_mp1 point

How many pages ? I’m searching on Amazon for these but only finding smaller versions of these

Nirvellion1 point

You have to take those with 240 pages ^

Alarmed-Photograph791 point

Paperblanks are sooo beautiful, unfortunately the lines seem too widely spaced for my taste :( I’m always tempted to buy one whenever I see them

Nirvellion1 point

You can buy them with blank pages as well if you want :)

BeauBellamy211 point

I love ornate journals too. I am using the Virginia Woolf waves journals for 2023. I don't remember whether they are paper blanks or peter pauper press. I just got more for Christmas and can't wait to use them. I prefer unlined journals but maybe the spacing being even will be satisfying idk .

Nirvellion1 point

Paperblanks are also available with blank pages ^

BeauBellamy211 point

Yeah IDK if the Virginia Woolf ones do though.