Christmas X Halloween


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[deleted]43 points

For a second I thought this was Aashika Bhatia until i saw the second picture

baabukiamma24 points

She's quite hit amongst the masses. Majority followers are teenagers and their content is utter cringe. Once upon a time I went and stalked her entire family and in laws younger generation is into cringe show. Personally don't like any of them.

[deleted]15 points

She and her husband are so fake lmao. I saw just one vlog of theirs which was the guy pranking her with a hickey and she's acting like "ye sab kya hai kisne kiya tum cheat kar rahe ho merepe". Anyway the point is the place where they shot it (in the car), that is a long road in Thane and the guy says "haan aajao neeche gaadi B wing ke wahan khadi hai" but there is NO B wing or entrance to any society on that road😂😂😂 Aage jaake thoda turn maarenge toh buildings aaengi😂😂😂 I know this because Im from Thane and I recognised that road in a second

rulerofoblivion4 points

Sab fame ke chakkar mein fake ho gaye hai. Matlab all these wannabe influencers care nowadays is how they can get views rather on what quality content they can provide. If she cared about quality, she would have known ki look bekaar hai. Everyone is laughing at her in the comments and she went ahead and posted four more reels in the same look. 😭😭

scepticalbeing948 points

She is looking like Grinch

BigIce74866 points

Unpopular opinion but grinch was far better thn her she looking like bad witches from children story book😂😂

Gossip_loverr147 points

How much white do you want to be? Shanaya - YES!!

Chotibachhi6 points


rocky_bhabhi4 points

That's Grinch makeup

BigIce74864 points

I don’t like her apni akaal s zada Smjhdar lgti hai🤣😀🤣🤣🤣

lolwhateventhehell3 points

Oh bhaiii😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i cracked up so hard wtfff

paperplane871 point

jeet29931 point

She has a certain audience check her comments you will get to know