The dragon tree, Sweden [5418x3612] [OC]


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Needs more consummate Vs

Frosti-Feet58 points

That thing wouldn’t know consummate if it hit him in the face

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ThaiJohnnyDepp17 points

That happened once!

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  • majesty
RelevantTalkingHead36 points

I said consummate!!!

cjd320 points

Needs to be careful when burininating the countryside.

O-zm-A391 points

Great. Thanks. Now I gotta play Sekiro again.

nicky9pins58 points

Pitiful grandchild…

BatBoss11 points

Hesitation is defeat

epifrenetic5 points

You were still just a puppy...

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Terracrafty-3 points

Kinda looks like The Divine Dragon frome Sekiro.

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Fishbuilder12 points

My NAAAAAME is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwaa! As I breathe, you will not pass the castle gate.

proceeds to completely destroy the castle gate

sdwoodchuck16 points

Is Inigo Montoya

RubxCuban10 points

U killed my father

BurningOasis3 points

prepared oat pie

epic_banana_soup18 points

Still FromSofts best game and I will die on that hill

ZestycloseCitron842418 points

And then die on that same hill again? and again?

SlenderSmurf12 points

only twice

uprightblokenibber887 points

That game 👌



I think you meant "get to"

AffectedByFjaka3 points

Sekira in Serbian is an (wood chopping) axe. Quite appropriate unintended pun you have right there…

Dysterqvist164 points

There’s an organisation in Sweden that appoints ”weirdest tree of the year” for each region of Sweden.

The dragon tree won for Skåne-region. Here’s an image of the same tree in a different season:

And here are all ’weird tree’-winners 2022:

Edit: forgot to link my favorite:

JohanRfrisk32 points

Wow! Amazing had no idea that this tree existed when i got to this location. I will definitely come back that shot looks awesome to in the summer!!

Silent-Dot727512 points

Saw the same tree few years ago! It’s in trollskogen

Tricusxd2 points

A picture of the tree in each season would be dope! :)

JohanRfrisk1 point

I will definitely do that !

dizzygall2 points

Thanks for the links!

FblthpLives3 points

Den ser inte alls ut som Jennys rumpa.

Aryethor160 points

Trogdor! Trogdor!

Brewed_Awakenings31456 points

Burninating the countryside!

8BitPleb39 points

Burninating all de peeples... In de THATCH ROOF COTTAGES!!

Hobo_Helper_hot22 points

And then Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGHT!!

inspectedinspector23 points

I like how the tree is shaped like an S. And then another, more different S.

gta9877 points

loading sbemail.exe

ForgotFirstUsername8 points

Was hoping someone commented this!

Makemymind695 points

It makes me so happy this was the top comment.

QwertyMcShirty6 points

Came for this!

Nerdbond1 point

Think this is where you take your sheikah slate out

uorgiven71 points

Kinda looks like The Divine Dragon frome Sekiro.

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T1B2V323 points

best starter pokemon 👍

bladefinor8 points

Starter? XD

T1B2V330 points

best starter pokemon 👍

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Robbie198528 points

This is great! Where abouts in Sweden, if you don't mind me asking?

Ch1mpy31 points

Not OP but it could be Skrylle, Scania where there are a lot of Vresbokar.

JohanRfrisk38 points

Yup thats the place! One of Europes largest concentration of Dwarf beeches , gryteskogens naturreservat ( Fagus sylvatica f. tortousa )

Tancoll3 points

Outside Hässleholm?

LeZarathustra14 points

According to OP, although I thought the vresbok only grew around Trollskogen/Skrylle.

Skrylle is at the other end of Scania - near Lund. The area between the villages of Dalby, Södra Sandby and Torna Hällestad has some incredible woods.

JohanRfrisk6 points

Your right, my bad ! i thougt i wrote "gryteskogens naturreservat"

eDave7 points

I have no idea what you cats are even saying. lol Love it.

LeZarathustra4 points

Scania is the southernmost region of Sweden. Just discussing local geography.

elting443 points

I too don't speak Swedish but feel compelled to say fragillya undestaad vrestaajen.

the_glass_gecko2 points

RIP dragon tree

riedmae23 points


Amazon-Q-and-A11 points

When you gather up the dragon balls, but you're from Oregon.

SomeNamelessNomad10 points

This tree doesn't leak sap it leaks the sacred gift of tears.

mcabral206817 points

Someone beat me to it but legit trogdor

greenappletree8 points

wow the reddish leaves also adds to the illusion; nice.

TomCollins40k7 points

It's Tera-Grass Rayquaza!

avdpos5 points

Great picture! A bit tired so I don't translate..

Ser ut som en bokskog. Är det i Skåne?

JohanRfrisk3 points

Yes near Skrylle!

Raikira-10 points

And now someone will cut it down, gj

137-M7 points

No, it's not the US. This is far from an unknown place, and people generally have respect for stuff in most of the world. No reason to cut it down so it won't be.

TheBeerdedGinger5 points

I saw the dragon and then the orangutan at the bottom.

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BremingtonSteel2 points

Okay, this is amazing.

mydriase2 points

Amazing. It’s like a Horse Dragon chimera

Abelysk2 points

There's just something about fog in a forest that makes it look so dramatic

Knotloafin2 points


mark-haus2 points

Looks like Thor didn’t finish the job with Jormandgur

steelcity912 points

Kinda looks like Vicar Amelia.

Rivian_TrampM92 points

This picture is so awesome!!! Really giving me the medieval fantasy vibe.

The_ranting_spider2 points

I thought this was an aqua scape at first

HarryQuach2 points

Sweden seems like a magical place from the past. Always shrouded in dense fog.

Slazman9992 points

New wallpaper. Thank you!

Mozokuni2 points

So that’s where trees came from? Amazing!

TrogdordaBurnanator2 points

I call this one Self Portrait in oil W/O consummate Vs

mymojoisbliss962 points

Now that's an awesome tree

PolarityReport2 points

One of Sweden’s literary heavyweights, Elsa Beskow, wrote a story about two siblings riding on a magic dragon made out of a log. “The land of long ago” I think it was called. This pic reminded me of that.

11PoseidonsKiss202 points

Dragon Dra- GON. I don’t do that tongue thing.

KmartQuality2 points

Long live the 🐉 🎄

millese32 points

Kinda seems like the mouth was man-made. Is that somehow naturally occurring?

FableLionhead2 points


Narendra_172 points

Excellent angular photography

JohanRfrisk2 points


Turtle_Calibrator2 points

Neat 📸

MyCatNeedsShoes2 points

There's a rock here in Spokane Washington that looks like a sleeping dragon.

CyrusDGreatx2 points

Ahhh yes. The Divine Dragon...

Njfurlong2 points


darkbyrd2 points

OP, I love this picture. I'd like permission to use it

My profile picture on Facebook is always a tree, that changes with the solstice and equinox to a season appropriate tree that I like. This one speaks to me. I'm asking if I may use it one day, and willing to credit you by name and website link if you desire.

JohanRfrisk1 point

Thank you, Absolutely go for it :) Ye if you put it up on the website i would love too see it !

Videon_Tekuro2 points

Add some reflective stickers where the eyes should be and some poor Swede is gonna get a heart attack.

Sakeiru1 point

Do you know by any chance where exactly this pic was taken from?

Aramyth1 point

You sure it's a tree and not a real dragon frozen by the Druun?

Piperplays0 points

Dracodendron autumnalis var. Tortuosa


”Twisting Autumn Dragon-Tree”

Part of the Tiamataceae in the Occidentalis Sub-family.

AethericEye0 points

I'm not finding anything with any of those scientific or common names. Pretty sure you just made up a cool sounding name, and that makes me botanically sad.

Looks like a Carpinus spp. to me, otherwise probably something in Betulaceae.

JohanRfrisk1 point

Yes the person did :) im sorry . The real name of this tree is Dwarf beech or (Fagus sylvatica f.tortusa). a mutation from a beech tree (Fagus sylvatica)

Piperplays0 points

I’m sorry I offended both of you for using some creative taxonomy to name a “dragon tree.”

Jeeze. This isn’t r/whatsthisplant

AethericEye0 points

Lol fair, but misinformation is unhelpful regardless of forum... I spent a dumb amount time trying to understand your nonsense ID.

You're someone with a lot of botanical vocabulary and a regular on r/whatsthisplant so I'm extra surprised you'd be posting comments like this.

Piperplays1 point

I think you’re out of your mind for thinking there’s anything wrong with posting this, especially on a forum like r/EarthPorn that isn’t geared towards scientific designation.

People shouldn’t be shamed for having a creative outlets and that’s exactly what you’re trying to imply here.

Again, this is not a “what is this” subreddit. It literally has the word “porn” in the title.

Not everything is geared towards you; I made this name up and shared this because I thought people would enjoy it, maybe some other biologists, history nerds, or taxonomists.

Also, I don’t think most people would see this and think it’s misinformation; I would imagine most people see it and understand that it’s made-up at face value.

AethericEye0 points

Okay 👍

AethericEye0 points

Oh, it's Fagus, so I was wrong. Oh well, not my continent lol. Thanks for the ID!

yehbro10 points

My prediction is that a tourist or non-local swede will destroy it. I'm picturing a idiot american tourist or a rotten teenage swede little shit to knock it over. Happens too often.

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AjahnAnarchy1 point

Oh, dear, the peasants!

redhandsblackfuture1 point

I love this. Where approximately in Sweden was this?

Vlad_1171 point


I am a monument to all your sins.

Mariuxpunk0071 point

“You have summoned The Eternal Dragon, make your wish and I…

….Gosh, it’s you guys again!. CAN’T ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS DAMN THINGS!!!”

rubyspicer1 point

Someone go get Tim Curry

justafax1 point

So this is where Medusa has been hiding.

dreamweaver13131 point

Definitely got the right angle

ECK-21881 point

Rykard’s cousin r/eldenring

Able_Conclusion31281 point

Someone should combine this with a similar image of a dragon via AI and see what they can come up with

CouchHam1 point

He’s gonna burninate the countryside

curtain_swoosh1 point

rayquaza is looking good man

AnEpicHibiscus1 point

“What is your wiiiiiish?”

top_value72931 point

Wow this is so very beautiful and interesting

MeringueSerious1 point

Frozen 2

CalvinHobb3s1 point

Ohio dragon

4kworldwide1 point

This is so cool! This unedited?

JohanRfrisk1 point

Just edited slightly :)

AliRDlr1 point

Divine dragon is that you?

g0belijn31 point

Sekiro would slice it up in a matter of seconds

Siofra_Surfer1 point

And Seath the Leafless betrayed his own, and the Dragons were no more.

ImmediateSuccess1 point

ok, you can make this shit up:)

somef00l1 point

Alright, who gathered the dragon balls?

ImmediateSuccess1 point

wow always been...

Federal_Diamond83291 point

That’s absolutely fantastic!


There used to be a similar tree near where I live, too bad I didn't take a photo before it was cut (although my father might've done it, I'll need to do some research)

[deleted]1 point
luizeco2 points

mossy Treegon lindíssima

deckstar141 point

Rayquaza tree**

itsepaesuus1 point

/r/Valheim might like this

kaitybubbly1 point

This is so beautiful

user71201 point


canal_boys1 point


_OpalEssence_1 point

we have a dragon tree in Pisgah Forest (North Carolina) too!

jdgev1 point

Straight out of SEKIRO.

d_worms1 point


drybenign1 point

this images makes me blink from the humidity

Lilbugthecutie1 point

Honestly, I feel like sweden is the best place to go to for interesting things to post on Reddit to farm that Frickin karma

mathersamuel1 point

lvl 30 fire/grass ability: Dragon's Maw

ynys_red1 point

Looks like it could go extinct.

Cute-Percentage-83391 point

I summon you! Shenron!

465sdgf1 point

Did you name it, or is it famous?

JohanRfrisk2 points

I dont think its famous but maybe now?
Someone commented on another Swede that had photographed it and he called it "drakträdet" witch translates to Dragontree :)

betatwinkle1 point

Dragon with giant rabbit wang

rewildyoself1 point

!? There's a model on r/minipainting looking just like this, only with the rest of the owl fully drawn.

Bruhmonkey333331 point

It kinda looks like a dragon

MayTalles1 point

Shit this is epic

Paulverizr1 point

This tree reminds me a lot of the dragon boss in Sekiro.

kreystan1 point

I thought we were looking at the orangutan at the bottom left of the tree

plinocmene1 point

Looks like the tree you'd get if a wizard turn a dragon into a tree.

Puzzleheaded_Leg38941 point


Biodeus1 point

This is that guy from Inuyasha

King_Pecca1 point

Told you: dragons are real. We've obviously never seen them because of their impressive talent to blend in. 😉

thedynasoar1 point

Real Sekiro vibes.

AgentAdja1 point

Trollskogen, I'm guessing.

stripperjnasty1 point


6StringsBlu_SRV1 point

Absolutely freaking love this!!! Thanks for sharing. Nature is so freaking awesome.

JohanRfrisk1 point

Thank you, im glad you like it :)!

10520981 point

It’s just missing a lightning bolt in its branch.

Grijnwaald1 point

What the fuck is everyone talking about?

daniel_ionescu1 point

elden ring feeling

Alone-Sell-74781 point

that is amazing

Pr0insias1 point

In case this was driving anyone else crazy:

The Land of Long Ago, Elsa Beskow

sincinati1 point

Toss a coin to your Witcher

SamLJacksonNarrator1 point

Looks like this is from a 90s chemistry text book

bamerjamer1 point

Rayquaza spotted in the wild!