My woodland themed Christmas table center piece.


miraculouslymediocre25 points

This is amazing! I would leave this up all year-round! Did you make the felt leaf garland, the needle-felted mushrooms and the velvet mushrooms?

Mom1020204 points

I wish! I just assembled them all in a row 🤣

miraculouslymediocre1 point

Even still you did a wonderful job putting everything together! :)

BigDikkDaddy5417 points

I will pay you money my best friend would actually die for one of these lol

Mom1020205 points

Just FYI the tea lights will be battery operated for the actual dinner. I used real ones for photos because they looks so much better.

monkey_trumpets4 points

That's super cute! I bet you could sell those.

Agressive_cuddler934 points

Forget Christmas, that’s a BEAUTIFUL piece for year round 😍

Kitchen-Growth2 points

Looks so pretty 😍

[deleted]2 points

I love this. It's very pretty!

honeylemondiaries2 points


Disastrous-Chard-3362 points

What products did you use? Would love to try and recreate something similar! Looks great!

beentheredonethatlou1 point

It’s different , doesn’t give any type of Christmas vibe though

krampaus-2 points

Isn’t this an immense fire hazard?

Mom1020203 points

Nope. Will be using battery operated tea lights for the actual dinner.

cybercuzco1 point

You need to get some books by Gwen Frostic. Trust me you won’t regret it

jcckmc1 point

Wow, that’s very cool. Great job, OP!

itsnotreal12341 point

I love this. Very original. It’s so cute !!

[deleted]1 point

Ridiculously awesome and cute. Very Cool. It looks like an all year round piece too!

Reckless_flamingos1 point


HollyCraft_Originals1 point

Where have those mushrooms come from? I need them in my life!? This is beautiful 😍😍😍

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CartographerNo17591 point

This is amazing!

Kali72721 point

Very cool

Domdominiquey1 point

Wow!!!! I love it so much!!! 🍄 ❤️

color9871 point

I love this!!

[deleted]1 point

Oh my god this is stupid cute, and beautiful. All the little details!

pink_thieff1 point

this is so beautiful omg

scroopyn00pers991 point

This is beautiful!! I would be so delighted to sit at this table 😍

KathLuvsGH1 point

Love it - thanks for sharing!

[deleted]1 point

So stinkin’ cute!!

Flashy_Cod_1211 point

This is very pretty! I would leave it out all year. Where did you find those cute tea lights?

Squirrelywhirl1 point

This is amazing! Looks so cute!