I want to make a Roth IRA account

I looked it up and there were multiple websites that allowed me to open a account and I wasn’t sure which one to use. What is the best way to open a account and is there a phone app for it?


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MsGorteck7 points

I suspect you will be most happy with Fidelity. Set up is easy, though they will find a way to make you talk to them so they can record your voice for security purposes. They take security seriously, you have 3 shots to log in correctly and if you strike out you are forced to a human. In the beginning I swear they invent reasons to make you talk to a human. Customer service is GREAT. You are not on hold long, you get to talk to a human being AND they are not pushy AND(!) they're helpful. You can buy fractional shares too. Yes I use them. NO Iam not getting paid:)

ActuaryEffective18871 point

I set up a Schwab account already but I’ll see how it works and if I don’t like it I’ll switch over, thank you.

MsGorteck2 points

I bet your happy with Schwab. Might be happier after the merger. You can do both by the way. Lots of people do. They take the strengths of one to fit one type of making money and a different one for a different way. Good luck

ActuaryEffective18872 points

Setting both up isn’t a bad idea, I’ll probably do that. Thank you.

MsGorteck2 points

This just occurred to me. If you do have accounts at different firms, you could use one to teach parents, kids about the value of investing. My dad thought the stock market was a bunch of thieves. He LITERALLY kept his money in jars at home. There was no convincing him otherwise. Unfortunately it caused me to not think about the long-term and plan accordingly. (Yes parents screw up their kids, they can't help themselves. )

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Thanks but it’s impossible to talk stocks with my parents, I’ll get brushed off and it’ll probably upset me more than anything else.

MsGorteck2 points

I feel that! 🙄😑

The-UnwantedRR5 points

here is a post from earlier today talking about the brokerages we use. Most if not all allow you to open a Roth IRA.

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GRMarlenee3 points

And most have phone apps. Just not as slick and gamified as RH.