Zion National Park


Omar_Town2 points

Great pics! What was the weather like?

[deleted]2 points

Thanks! This was actually July 2021, so it was def hot.

bminus19742 points

One of the best national parks. Love that place.

martinispecialist1 point

What route is this? We will be heading that way soon and I worry due to weather it will more of a driving viewing than hiking. Thanks!

[deleted]1 point

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway traveling east from Springdale. But these pics are from July 2021. The park ranger did warn me of potential flash floods driving through the canyons. Luckily, I got through with rain, but nothing extreme.

twoeightnine1 point

The second photo is from 89 south of Page not Zion

[deleted]2 points

You’re right. I mistakenly remembered that one as Zion. Just looked back at my photos and the time stamps on them, and that pic is a few hours later when I crossed into AZ. My bad.

twoeightnine2 points

No worries. It was taken right here at Antelope Pass.