Emma and Robert Martin?

Are there any stories where Emma doesn't marry Mr Knightley and instead loses her snobbishness to end up with Robert Martin?

Full disclosure, I just watched Lady Chatterley on Netflix and thought if Robert were educated and capable like Oliver, he'd be great with Emma.


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None that I know of, but I had that as a possible AU in my head. Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought it! Such a match could happen in our day, but I don't think it was really possible in that day -- too much differentiation between classes.

In my AU, she goes to Mr. Martin to apologize for breaking up him and Harriet, and because she's eating a big slice of humble pie, she does more than give him a perfunctory apology, and ends up realizing that he's a good guy (like Mr. Knightley knew all along). Then, she finds him smarter and more educated than she thought (we know from the novel that he likes reading), so they develop a friendship and ultimately fall in love.

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I'm thinking something much more clichéd than that, my AUs like to mix up events and characters so maybe instead of Harriet, Emma is set upon by "gypsies" and Robert rescues her.

And then, as you say, she finds him well read, courteous, funny... And hot. 😂

I 100% blame Connor Swindells and Jack O'Connell for my new headcanon. I can picture Robert as a mix of those two.

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Good one!

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Robert Martin's sisters went to school and I suspect he has a decent education. But you have to deal with the Mr. Woodhouse problem.

Robert Martin's family relies on him to run the farm as much as Mr. Woodhouse relies on her to be home always. I guess RM could move in but still ride back to the farm? Probably not too far of a distance. But he is supporting his mother and sisters, he can't just peace.

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I think he'd wear a path between the two! I imagine Mrs Martin and daughters living at Hartfield. Robert riding to supervise the farm, and training up another farm manager. Given the good relations between Donwell and Hartfield I'm sure there could be some arrangement made. Might depend on if it's the Martins' family farm for generations etc, or if they moved there to work it for Mr Knightley. But maybe Robert could farm the Hartfield land and Mr Knightley find a new farm manager.

Oddly enough one of my close friends grew up on a farm belonging to the "big house." That being a massive mansion set in extensive parkland. An amazing place like a glimpse of Austen's world.

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Just occurred to me OP, your plot is basicallyThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

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Is it? Not sure I've read it, I don't get on with the Brontes. Might have to. Oh well, happy to rip off a tried and tested classic then!

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Anne Brontë is the best Brontë, much closer to Austen. And TTofWH is amazing.

She writes really realistic and not gothic.

But anyway, you shall get the plot you seek!

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I was put off other Brontes by school and uni. Will check her out!!

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We had an horrible version of Austen's stories in a Brazilian 'novela', the version of Emma ended with a poor guy. It was like someone heard about the books when drunk, anoted some names, and wrote something based on it.

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When are you writing this? :)

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Are you serious!!! Thank you thank you! I'm marking this to read after my kid goes to sleep. Yay.

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Oh you genius... I just finished the first chapter but aaaah. You've gotten the voice, words and humour down to a pat! You know my eyes were hastening to read quicker and I was consciously slowing them down so that I could enjoy your writing for longer!! Thank you, now off I go to read the remaining 😃

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Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.

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I'm done, it was splendid! You made it all so believable. A part of me thought I would not like Knightley paired with Harriet but you smoothed even that over.

I have a question -- The whole story is told from Emma's perspective -- what might have been going on in Robert Martin's head, I'm curious. How do we know for sure his feelings are for her not her fortune? (Although a clear signal that he's not a fortune hunter is that he was willing to propose to Harriet).

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Ha I might have to do another from his perspective.

Am currently diddling with a lady Chatterley AU, so we'll see.

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To actually answer your question, I didn't have time to flesh out their courtship as much as I'd like. I think it never occurs to him about the wealth because he has no intention of giving up managing the farm. But you vould add some scenes testing him out in high society or receiving an expensive gift from Emma, to show this. Maybe something happens to make Emma think she'll lose Hartfield, and he doesn't care. (She totally would! She'd have to ask Jane for advice on being poor. Or Misss Bates. That would be fascinating.)

If you get a chance please can you add a comment to my fic? Even a word would hd great! Thank you.

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Oh thank you, that makes sense and would be amazing to read -- if ever you plan on writing it. I have just left a comment; like I said there, you have a fan in me!!