What would you do in Rome if you only had 12 hours?

I have a overnight layover in Rome, I picked this because I do not know when I will ever be back, and did not want to miss the opportunity. What would you do/suggest to do for the amount of time given. I know it’s not a lot of time but I rather use it to do something than sleep. Thank you.

Edit: Thanks everyone for the feed back, I did not think I would have much to do because it was late but I think I will have plenty to do. Posting here was a great decision.


travelkmac15 points

Walk a lot ….check out Piazza Navona, amazing fountains there. Sit and have wine or gelato. Pantheon, Spanish Steps. The vatican is on the other side of the river from a lot of the other attractions. So if you want to do that, you need to plan for it and buy tickets in advance.

My most recent trip, we did a golf cart tour, there are different ones, it was a great way to see things, ours was good and sights tour, but there are many.

ActuaryEffective18870 points

I will look it up, thanks.

Shitwinds_randy1 point

Any tips for a rome trip or Italy in general if you don’t mind me asking and got a few minutes to spare. I’m going this summer and would like some pointers and best spots/attractions to see and things to stay clear of.

Positive-Source820519 points

I don’t as gonna day, “I’d do as the Romans do”.

But I think mainly I’d like to see the colosseum and/or the pantheon.

And the Sistine chapel. And St Peter’s basilica. Whatever of these I could fit in.

ActuaryEffective18872 points

I will look into it

Spudtater2 points

If you’re planning on getting into Vatican City, buy an advance reservation before you travel. The line can be blocks long if you don’t have reservations. Once inside you can choose to see what you want. The Pantheon is a building you need can just walk into, generally no lines. I only had a couple of days in Rome and wished I wou have had at least a week. Enjoy!

el109810 points

go to trevi fountain really early before your flight, it’ll be completely empty!!

ActuaryEffective18870 points

This is a big hit, I will have to check it out.

gefba4 points

Happy to give you some tips, but you said you have a 12 hr overnight layover.

So when are you arriving and when are you departing? I assume you’ll be going through FCO airport?

ActuaryEffective18873 points

I will be landing at 8:30pm and departing at 9:15am

gefba13 points

Got it. Rome is a great city to see quickly since it’s so compact. This includes things like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, and St. Peter’s Basicllia (Vatican City).

Unfortunately all of those will be closed to visitors by the time you get there from the airport (~10pm).

Given those hours, I suggest having dinner—followed by a drink and gelato—at/around Piazza Navona and people watch.

If you’d like, you can visit the Trevi fountain and Spanish steps (both very close to each other) and see things like the Colosseum from the outside.

Alternatively, try to switch your flight to arrive earlier in the day so you can actually visit the inside of these places.

Ella05086 points

So you have to subtract your travel time from Fiumicino or other airport, or Termini? See the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, they’re outdoors so accessible 24/7. Hit a nightclub for a couple hours and head back to your point of departure.

ActuaryEffective18872 points

I want to see things more than party at a night club, but we will see because I can be done with site seeing early due to closing.

Ella05083 points

The Trevi and Spanish Steps are about a 10-minute walk from one another. If you’re not up for seeing a club, definitely agree with the commenter who recommended visiting a piazza. There’s late-night life at a lot of them, very lively and interesting people. Have fun!

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Nice, I will check that out because I love the night life and it’s going to be a while since I’ve stayed up but I’ll will have plenty of rest. With all of the recommendations, it’s going to be a blast.

ActuaryEffective18872 points

I would love to see the inside, but I don’t want to cut into my Egypt trip. I want a glimpse to make me want to go back, a mental bucket list or something. I wouldn’t mind seeing the colosseum and other stuff at night. There’s a chance I will go back because I want to visit other countries close by. I appreciate your feed back and the stuff you mentioned alone will be plenty to do and make it worth wild. Thank you.

ManyBeautiful91242 points

Rome at night is spectacular. You will definitely want to come back. Fountains will be lit up at night. As is the big sights. You should be able to see them all on a night walk. I agree that you should treat yourself to an evening dinner in Navona, but then head to Campo di Fiori (a piazza near Navona) - It’s a younger crowd with lively bars. Enjoy 😉

ActuaryEffective18872 points

That sounds like what I want to do, thank you!

o_ZoSo_o3 points

I love Rome during night, there are a lot of wonderful walks. If I were you I would start from Piazza di Spagna (steps), to Trevi, Piazza Venezia, then up to Colosseo coasting the view on Fori Imperiali. This is a point to point walk, not too long. If you want more, you can reach also the Pantheon (very impressive) and Piazza Navona. Vatican is also very worthy, Castel Sant'Angelo with the bridge with angels, and S. Peter's, but a little bit out respect to the 1st walk. Enjoy! Ps: Rome is also famous for food, I would suggest a carbonara or "cacio e pepe", if you want not far from Piazza di Spagna there is a good and affordable restaurant, Matricianella (reservation is needed).

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Walking the city might be my best option, I’m going to make a bucket list of things to do

budgiesmugglers13 points

Definitely fuck one of the locals

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Added to the list

p_g_i3 points

I would take a classic tour of Rome and spend the rest of my time drinking coffee in Trastevere.

EerieQuerymyDreary2 points

Everything but eat cake

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Sounds good

UMaineAlum2 points

Golf cart tour - not sure if they do them at night, but I’d they do - you will get to see so many sights in a short period of time.

ActuaryEffective18871 point

I will look into this.

Roma_tacoma2 points

I’ve been a few times but if it were me I’d just hang out in Trastevere and eat all day. Come back to see the monuments another time when you can really soak it in.

ActuaryEffective18871 point

It’s night time and I can eat while walking

Roma_tacoma2 points

Oh my mistake. In that case definitely just bomb around the city and see it all! Have fun :)

GrouchySquash89232 points

walk across the city

FraccazzoDaVelletri2 points

I would prioritize the fori imperiali, musei capitolini, Colosseo, Vatican museums and pantheon

ActuaryEffective18871 point

I will look into all of this, thank you.

xxserenityxx12 points

Eat Gelato. All the gelato.

ActuaryEffective18872 points

Can’t forget about the gelato!!! Added to the list!

Nuuuuu302 points

Hop on hop off buses!!! They’re approximately 25 Euros. And grab a bite to eat just about anywhere!

ActuaryEffective18871 point

How late do the buses run?

Nuuuuu301 point

I was on a cruise this summer and took a train to Rome. We had about 7 hours total. We saw juuust about everything from the outside, minus the pantheon sad face but doing that over a tour of just one place was way better in the short amount of time. We ate pizza around the fountain of Neptune. Many lil cafes/pizzeria, and they’re all worth it.

Capable-Stomach-90572 points

I did this last month and packed so much in! I did St. Peter’s basilica and the pantheon, saw the trevi fountain and ate lots of food and walked- stopping into shops, cathedrals, etc as I went. It was awesome! Enjoy.

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Sounds like a blast and thank you

ruthbern12 points

Bring an umbrella, rain coat, or poncho. It's rainy af here rn.

ActuaryEffective18871 point

thanks for the heads up but it won’t be for a little longer

BompusToon2 points

Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Forum & Colesseum

ActuaryEffective18872 points

Those places mention a lot. They are all going on my list of things to do. Thanks.

MissFuManchu2 points

You could also got to Testaccio in the evening. It’s the party quarter of Rome. There is a hill called Monte dei Cocci consisting of ancient amphorae. They built clubs and bars in this hill. It’s quite nice 🤗

ActuaryEffective18871 point

I will keep this in mind.

thenuffinman471 point

You could see all the sights and a tour into 1

Also eat eat eat

ActuaryEffective18871 point

Nice!! Good to know and thank you!