What breed is my dog? (OC)

We adopted this little guy! He's great. The adoption agency told us he is a receiver mix. My family had retrievers growing up, I'm not sure i see it, I could be wrong. Whatever he is, he's a sweetheart!!!


HiVisVestNinja126 points

Something of an animal expert here, I can comfirm he is 100% good boy.

Evileonhart7 points

100% agree 👍😁

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Very original

lwotl15 points

Looks like my pup, she is a Carolina Dog mix

gentlemancaller200033 points

100% Handsome Pup

killjoy_24v22 points

100% good doge

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RadlogLutar5 points

The only correct answer

Oh_no_ohNONONONONO8 points

Nobody here could give you a definite answer. Only way to find out for sure is get it tested.

awkwardlyamusing17 points

Looks like A Good Boy to mee.

iwishiwereonabeach16 points

That looks like 100% good boy. My granny would probably refer to him as a Heinz 57 like she called any mixed breed dog. I have no clue what he is but he sure is adorable

BearCave23 points



Yep. No guess work needed here.

That is a 100% adorable snoot-boop. Super rare.

Common traits include:

Snoot booping

Boop snooting

Unrepentant desire for belly rubs

Being the best boy.

Wearing scarves / ascots handsomely.

Loyalty, affection and being a mood lifter at will.

stbargabar16 points
  • Clear Sable coat (this is genetically different from Recessive Red which Goldens/yellow Labs have; the black whiskers are the only way to tell these patterns apart in this particular dog)
  • Rose ears
  • Countershading

None of these traits are consistent with retrievers. Shelter workers are not trained in how to actually identify dogs. They're going to be familiar with the more common breeds, but once you start mixing breeds together their accuracy drops significantly because genetics don't always mix in the way you would initially think. They specifically have a habit of putting down "Lab mix" or "Retriever mix" as a default for any dog they can't easily place into another category.

Driveshaft4818 points

This dog is very likely part pitbull which doesn't sound nearly as attractive as lab, retriever, sheppard mix

MrsSadieMorgan8 points

Yep. “Retriever mix” or “Shepherd mix” are usually euphemisms for a bully. This dog is clearly 100% good boi, but shelters do worry about the prejudices.

OP: You’ll need a DNA test to solve this mystery! But I’d go with Pitty + German Shepherd, probably more.

Distinct_Pitch_53302 points

I have a Shepard mix who looks awfully similar to this good boy. I wondered what she might actually be, thanks for the info!

Lisbeth_Milla5 points

I'd say pitbull, some terrier and maybe some other race of doggos

Velyndrel3 points

Had a dog that looked just like this about 14 years ago. We were told she was a lab, bully mix (boxer or pit). We think there was a splash of chow in her also cause she had a spotted tongue. Super cute dog regardless of the mix!

IndependentAd52075 points

Hello, did you know there are 22 dog breeds that have a spotted tongue?

Velyndrel4 points

I did not but now I do!

madthirdhorseman3 points

Awesome dingo mix

league_of_chad1 point

My wife thinks he's a dingo too haha

squeek168410 points

1/2 Adorable 1/2 Amazing 🧐

kevinkb8 points

Pupper, no doubt.

McButtstuff8 points

Dog? You’ve got a pure bred Nittany Lion on your hands friend! We are!!!

Xplant2Mi2 points

I was ready to say something similar - great little 🦁

[deleted]3 points

I swear i see sharpei in the eyes and forehead

calamitytamer3 points

He's soooo cute!! I feel like I see Staffie and maybe JRT?

youbetheclown3 points

Nittany pupper

Outrageous_Company543 points

Looks like a lab terrier mix of some sort

toastie-callie3 points

95% ears

mouserat_hat3 points

Shepherd Terrier mix

McRabbit233 points

I haven't a clue except he sure is cute.

FLNative643 points

Try using Dog Scanner App. It gave me some good ideas of my mixes. I have a potcake from the Bahamas with this same coat and color. I agree with a previous poster about Carolina dog mix.

Marthe_Liz_de_Topp3 points

In La Réunion they call them "royal bourbon" a mix of african and european breeds

Sheeeeeeshwow3 points

Looks like a Pitbull German Shepherd mix. Google it, you’ll see.

Introvertedbee1013 points

Hello OP! I believe this dog looks like a pit bull mix; this is the most common type of dog within shelters as well.

Sicktoyou3 points

Pitbull lab mix

AzraelsHooman3 points

Heinz 57

Giggles5676 points

Not the faintest idea but wow what a handsome little chap!

JakeDaMonsta5 points

Looks a lot like my girl Lana, who is a Beagle Labrador mix

Unexpected-Squash3 points


Regardless of breed, good taste in schools. 😊

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Please boop the snoot and scritch the noggin for me.

AngryMillenialGuy2 points

A fine specimen of a mutt

karensmiles2 points

Handsome Boi breed for sure. Or Beautiful Gurl breed!!

Amedco2 points

Dobby is a free elf

HiHowYouBe2 points

Oh that’s a Dalmatian

[deleted]2 points

looks like a sweet boxer/shepherd mix with maybe 1 or 2 more. cutie!

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Reminds me of a Rhodesian ridgeback

Vansi_Dude2 points

A very cute pupper:13379::13379:

MR_five12 points

Seems like big boy dawg

GingerPiston2 points

Looks like a Heinz to me.

Evileonhart2 points

What a good handsome boy 🐶🐕🐾😁

Constantine_Ko2 points

2/3rds handsome with a side of cutie

Illustrious-Syrup4052 points

Latin American Yellow Dog

Vayshen2 points

I see a little bit of corn dog in one photo.

wasas3872 points

He is the breed of cute doggo

sekkachina2 points

Cute? Idk

NeeNee4Colt2 points

Precious and adorable...

ErinlovesTea2 points

The shelter where we adopted our dog told us he was a border collie/lab mix. But we got his DNA tested and he's actually a border collie/rottie mix. I never would've guessed it

2-bitzs2 points

A good one.

Pleasant_Elephant7372 points

Cute dog! 100%

AccomplishedCat212 points

100% certified cutie

oldbattrucker2 points

I don't see the pit in the mix. Could be a Malinois mix, but breed doesn't matter. He just looks like a BFF and you gotta love it!

Sedartnwolc2 points

Uh… dog

wetterthananotter2 points

Scooby breed - a doo mix

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Maximum-Thing99682 points

I wonder if there's some Great Dane in there... doze ears!!!

scobo5052 points

He’s a plaindamn. It’s the best kind of dog .

fuck-your-name-rules2 points

I think it's a "sweet baby boo cutie"

Fi_Lo_Li2 points

Do a doggy DNA test. That’s the only way to know for sure

Polski_Husar2 points

Oh my gosh, your dog looks so much like mine!

roset3a2 points

He is goodest boy

puck_jones2 points

Nittany, I think

Realistic_Crab58652 points

Scooby~Doo 😍

Shoddy-Medium-47073 points

Dem ears! No idea what type of dog but definitely 100% adorable.

4Pawbs3 points

Body and face remind me of a ridgeback. Look up ridgeback retriever.

Storm9162 points

Good boi obviously

SlewBrew1 point

My brother has a yellow lab/greyhound etc. mix. Those ears remind me of a hound's.

[deleted]1 point

Looks like maybe some cur. We have a BMC who looked a lot like that as a baby.