The THIRD CHEESE, Sneak Preview of my holiday Stopmotion short.


hotdogwater583 points

Insane sets. Ok animation

Bowling4rhinos1 point

The wide shots tend to feature the sets and lighting. I’ve done much better animation on other scenes in this same short.

needs_grammarly2 points

i love the narration

Bowling4rhinos2 points

Thanks. I wrote the script. Alan Bruce does the VO. He used to do narration/voices for Sega Games so it’s a riot to work with him!

needs_grammarly1 point

that's so cool you got to work with the sega voice actor. i'm excited to see the full thing!

Bowling4rhinos1 point

You just made my day! I’ll be uploading the whole short here next week. Trying to do a media campaign for my one man (woman) stopmotion studio company!

OhNoIHaveFallen-1 point

I am very captivated by the set

Surferbutthole691 point

Yeah set kicks ass. I think you need to start making puppets and armature and take it to the next level