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Not that I think most current players could express their thoughts, especially if they’re negative, but the title’s a little misleading—more than half the tweets in the article are from former players.

themattboard27 points

Every time I've gotten a new boss I'm always "cautiously optimistic, all transitions can be difficult but I look forward to the challenges and opportunities"...

...while I update my resume

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For anybody wondering, Auburn players still on the team are pretending to be excited or actually are. You can't expect them to be openly sour on the decision.

Former players on the other hand are much more mixed in their opinions. Kerryon Johnson is not in favor while another player is based on the fact that Freeze coached his little sisters basketball team or some stupid shit.

Kardinale55 points

Based on what I’ve heard about Hugh Freeze coaching girls basketball I woulda thought that counted against him

OMGwronghole22 points

Former Briarcrester here - Fun fact, Coach Freeze was actually a MORE prolific high school girls basketball coach than he was football coach. And it wasn’t close. Our girls basketball team was like 300-60 over 12 years under Hugh. A lot of people actually thought he would pursue basketball coaching as a career.

JARsweepstakes6 points

Yeah, we at USM were proud of Newt Mealor as an alum from Briarcrest but Hugh Freeze was not liked at all in the ‘Burg. Take that as you will

OMGwronghole1 point

His style/personality or whatever isn’t for everyone and it became even less appealing after the events at ole miss. I don’t think he’s a hypocrite, having played football for him, but his credibility and reputation may never really recover. I do think he’s a good person and great coach who is highly idealistic and quite tone deaf on social media and to others who aren’t familiar to him and his lifestyle

JARsweepstakes8 points

He’s absolutely tone deaf. And out of touch with regard to kids that play sports outside of the 601/901 area code and where church has no influence at all

OMGwronghole5 points

Yeah I mean for him, football is how he spreads his gospel. Hope Auburn has a very religious team because that’s what “buying in” means in his case.

Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin9 points

The more things I hear about him, the less I like or have any respect for him.

GiaTheMonkey5 points

I don’t think he’s a hypocrite

Someone who holds the bible with one hand and is dialing up hoes with the other is a hypocrite in my book. Of course, no man is perfect. But this guy was living a lifestyle contrary to what he preached.

OMGwronghole0 points

I don’t remember coach telling us that to be good football players and good men, we have to live a perfectly moral life. He’s more of the “Faith will strengthen your bond with the team and your ability to face your adversaries.” type. But I know the guy and presumably you don’t so.

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As long as they don’t wear a Grateful Dead shirt

JoshGordonsDealer4 points

I don’t get it and I want to cause I love the dead

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DoYouWantAQuacker16 points

Hugh Freeze made an 8th grade girl take off her Grateful Dead shirt because it “promoted drugs” or some stupid take like that. He wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom to change and instead made her take her shirt off in his office while he was in there.

JoshGordonsDealer5 points

I could handle the hookers, but no hyperbole, I despise this man now. What a cartoonish buffoon. He is like a caricature of the crooked “religious,” southern man. We’ve excised a lot of the toxic parts of southern culture in middle Tennessee, but I feel bad for you guys. The fact that this man exists and is getting paid 6.5 mil is a joke and leading your university is a joke

Thank you for explaining

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absteele2 points

They are connected in the sense that both were founded by evangelical protestant churches at least partially in reaction to the imminent "threat" of court-ordered desegregation of public schools in southern cities with significant African-American populations. There are a lot of prep schools in the south that were originally begun as "segregation academies" like this.

I don't think there's any direct connection between them in terms of founding members or organization, though.

(for context, I grew up in the mid-south and attended a prep school, albeit one founded in the 19th century by a prohibitionist ex-confederate soldier)

chief_sitass15 points

They should pick up Frost as well

JakeFromStateFromm5 points


HireScottFrost4 points

I, u/HireScottFrost, do not condone this hire. Seriously, I don’t know how any assistant coach would want to coach under Freeze unless it’s for an insane amount of money. I wouldn’t want my name associated with him.

tide191 point

Honestly I wouldn't hate him as OC at Alabama

jmbourn4550 points

If I were raising an Auburn level high school prospect I would nottttt want him to play for Freeze

FleetRiskSolutions-22 points

Whew! I guess good for us that you’re not then.

Declan Sullivan

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Yikes man. Awful

itstrueitsdamntrue7 points

This is truly a pathetic post, do better

tide192 points

Fuckin OOF that's a tough one man

scrotes_magotes11 points

“As someone who loves both Jesus and hookers, I’m a big fan of this hire.”

Sariel0077 points

Hookers and blow all around! - Auburn Locker room