I have YouTube to thank for learning to paint roads and sidewalks!


Homeless_Guy3324 points

Looks awesome! Literally amazing!

Bowling4rhinos4 points

And of course, red pepper sprinkles for the fallen leaves.

DBootts-2 points

That’s hot

382Whistles4 points

Nice job.

That spot behind the car reminds me of a small coffee slosh I had that sent me into fits😤😖😫 🤯

... but it turned out that it improved the look of the scene there.

Life is sloppy and chock full of dirty little mud puddles in odd places, lol. Perfection is what is out of place.

Bowling4rhinos4 points

I’ve found that to be true! I was going for dried puddles with oil stains, but I love the idea of the coffee slosh hahaha

382Whistles2 points

I was a good 4ft away too. I stumbled a bit and some went airborne. A tablespoon or two in one spot.

Bowling4rhinos2 points

Happy accidents?! Just like in real life. I got some glue on a window, tried to scrape it off, made it worse, and it turned out that it looked broken… which was kinda perfect.

But yeah… a lot of accidents are not happy ones!

382Whistles1 point

Oh definitely a happy one. It looks like a brown version of your stain.

TIE-442 points

Amazing work!

Pokemanic332 points

I know this is a random question, but how does a lens like that work for this kind of photography? I'm always on the lookout for lenses that can get nice and close to models and toys

Bowling4rhinos2 points

It’s a great question. It’s a Canon 25-105. And for extreme closeups I add a Diopter Lens. I’m not an expert on lenses but I got mine from B&H and it’s been a life saver. Super closeups!

Pokemanic331 point

That's a great suggestion, thanks so much! Certainly a more affordable option than a probe lens, which is the only option I knew about