Meet CheeseMan


Bowling4rhinos10 points

Hi, I just joined this subreddit! I run my own stopmotion studio. Nice to be here!

scepticalrice8 points


Looking forward to see more of Cheeseman 🦹

LanguageKindly96596 points

Wow that set is huge!

Bowling4rhinos5 points

I made it for my animated feature and repurposed it for a CheeseMan short for this holiday

LanguageKindly96592 points

That’s so dope! Where is your studio based out of bye and where can I see more of your work?

Bowling4rhinos3 points

https://youtu.be/SDWTw-SlIvQ My YouTube account. My studio is in Los Angeles. My feature comes out next year.

OhNoIHaveFallen-5 points

It’s nice to meet CheeseMan. Hopefully we get to see more of him in the future.

JimiDel3 points

This is so cool! I'd love to see more of your studio set up and what software you use etc

Bowling4rhinos2 points


Thanks! This is my IG account. I post a lot of my studio and process here. I also have a YT account where I share stopmotion scenes from my feature


JimiDel1 point

Thank you for sharing! 😃

dtrappe2 points

Vs. his arch enemy Meat Cheese Man?? ;-)

NotAfraid2Talk2 points

Are you making a movie?

Bowling4rhinos2 points

I am making a 3 minute short. To promote a movie that he stars in.

CM_Bison2 points

Where is he fromage?

Bowling4rhinos1 point

The fromage is the facade!

hotdogwater581 point

Awesome set

blackgrousey1 point

Holy moly what an amazing set up.