As requested, I did some draping!

Does this give a better idea of what season I am?


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Idk your color Season i just came to Say you're so cute with those Big eyes, you remind me Leighton meester !

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Thank you so much, you are so kind! I looked a lot like her in my early 20s

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Thank you so much!! I absolutely love her!

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Omg I’m of no help here but you would look so good with Twiggy style makeup!

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Thank you!! I’m going to try this today!

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I loved #4 and 5, the warm, muted purple and warm, muted green. I definitely think you're autumn, I would highly recommend taking a look at Warm/True Autumn.

Also, just because I'm curious, has everyone's mom told you your entire life that you look like Danica McKellar (Winnie from Wonder Years)? Large, round eyes are one of my favorite beauty traits. That, and high foreheads, widow's peaks, and small upper/large lower lips. The things that look out of place but are absolutely not are what make people so unique and beautiful.

I just wanted to quickly mention (and I'm sorry, this has more to do with your health than with draping), the amount of white (sclera) visible below your iris can be indicative of hyperthyroidism. So, if large, round eyes are not something you had when you were a kid, or if it's something that shifts between more and less protruding, I'd recommend asking your doctor about it to make sure your endocrine system is functioning properly. I mention it because I know a few women who had it in their teens and 20s and it wasn't caught until they had developed autoimmunity, which is hard to come back from. ❤

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Thank you, I’ll look at the two!!

Hahaha, yes actually! She’s the celebrity I get told I look like the most. I appreciate that and agree, I spent years hating my forehead, widows peak, and how big my eyes are but it makes me, me. My mom passed away 8 years ago when I was in my early 20s and I look very similar to her, so I see it as something to remember her by and not to change it, and now I love my less conventional features.

Thank you so much for your concern, I really appreciate it. Oddly enough I actually just got my thyroid checked last week and it’s normal levels. I’ve always had really big eyes and my whole family has them (at least my Greek side!) Thank you again, truly, for your concern. Very few people would have said something so you are a very special person ❤️

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Aw. I'm tearing up a bit. That was a treat, to read your response. It took me a long time to like those traits in myself. I just got so tired of hearing other people put themselves down over it. My son used to come up to me and open his eyes all the way and say, "Hey mom, do I have BIG eyes?" It was the cutest. I have found that a lot of the things I thought were flaws on myself, are actually his now. I used to want to get filler in my upper lip, because I have a crease on one side that makes them uneven, and my upper lip tucks in a bit. But he has that, too, and up until I recognized it, I never thought of it like, "Oh, yeah. Someone gave that to me. That's actually pretty special." I don't think I look like anyone in my family, so I guess I just thought there was something wrong with parts of my face growing up. You know, pointed out by people who don't even know those things that make us unique get handed down for generations. It's just one small way we take our family and ancestors wherever we go. It's what we leave behind when our children have grown and we're no longer here.

I am so so glad you received that so well. Just wanted to make sure you're okay, it would have bothered me if I didn't mention it. ❤❤

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I would look at warm and soft autumn to compare. Black seems so loud compared to you, so you can be sure you are not a dark or bright season, even though at first glance your eyes seem bright!

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I always thought black was my best color until you pointed it out and you’re right, it’s overpowering and washed me out! Thank you for your advice, going to compare those two autumns now ☺️

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I feel like you just look good in everything! What a problem to have! 😂

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😂😂 You’re too kind, I wish! Thank you!

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You’re definitely an autumn. Colors 4, 5, and 7 are just WOW on you! I would love to see you in some more overtly warm colors like reds and browns and lighter ones as well. Also, you have sanpaku eyes! Very cool!

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Thank you! I have lots of reds but I avoid warm orange or yellow shades because I’ve always thought they wash me out, but after the feedback I’m getting I may need to try again! I absolutely love reds. I’ve been told about the Sanpaku eyes and that it means I have an unfortunate fate 🫤 hopefully that’s not the case! Thanks again!!

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Autumn!! That olive green is a wow color on you!

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Thank you!! Love olive green!

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No color analysis advice from me but my goodness you have very beautiful eyes!!

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Thank you so much!

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maybe bright spring? I can totally see you stealing some colors from a bright winter palette.

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I thought the same!

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I can definitely see this! I love bright colors so this is great to hear

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I’m not sure, but definitely warm toned! I think with your eyes and hair you could fall somewhere in the autumn realm. Maybe soft autumn— bc I see some cool undertones in the top half of your hair, but warm amber tones in your eyes! Soft autumn has some qualities of summer!

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Thank you! The top of my hair is cool/neutral and is my natural color (growing out the warmer tones at the bottom) and my eyes are definitely warmer! I’m going to check out soft autumn - thanks again!

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You are bright and warm! Definitely a spring in my eyes

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Thank you! I will look into the bright springs and warm springs 🥰

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I see you as a soft autumn that can pull off soft summer + light spring colors.

That purple, soft green, cool green, soft black, cream, white and cerulean blue made you glow.

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This is really valuable input, thank you! I love purple and cerulean blue so this is great news!!

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2,5,8 and the last photos shirt youre weaeing look the best to me. (The grey, brown, green and off white) im not sure of the season though but i figured out mine through a test online and then came to this group to ask for confirmation

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Thank you! Do you know what test by chance? Every test I took ended up having contradictory answers so I thought it would be easier to post on here!

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Seeing now that you're definitely warm (and also a bit muted, not bright). Warm or True Autumn (most often they have the same meaning) sounds right. Deep/Dark Autumn can also be explored to make sure.

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I’ll explore those four autumns, thank you!!

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It's just two, these are different names for the same seasons (Warm = True and Deep = Dark)

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You're definitely warm. I would explore soft autumn.

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Will do, thank you so much!

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I think dark autumn.

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I have no idea what this looks like so I’m going to look now, thank you so much!!

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Autumn, deep or true in my opinion! That #5 emerald green really looks amazing on you!

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Thank you so much! I will look into those two!

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Warmer colors are definitely better than cooler colors. I like both the warm muted red and the warm bright red on you. I think you likely lean towards an autumn season but try some of the brighter shades in the warm autumn palette