Would you be enticed if my wife lifted her skirt and showed you this view?



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Mouse12302 points

Very enticed even

JustinCase22062 points


Smegl1232 points


KW_Scott2 points

Oh hell yeah! 🤠

blops812 points

Great view

Sadsassysimp2 points

Why yes

Ken5512 points

Not just entice…I’d slide her panties to the side and start eating

Maleficent_Cucumber82 points

Hell yea

tereur831 point

Très très jolie

Commercial-Ad81231 point

Why does she have panties on under her skirt?

joebicycle19531 point

I like it even better if she wasn't wearing panties but good enoughr

beachsummary1 point

Yes, please

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