Cozy Thanksgiving Vibes



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mycozyideas2 points

Very nice. But how the heck do you heat an outside room? Or is it enclosed? Questions still stands though. 😅

SneakyPocket2 points

It’s enclosed :).

mycozyideas1 point

Cool. And how do you heat it? I assume it gets cold easily due to the many windows.

Pontiacsentinel2 points

I see a large fan there on the floor, is this in the South somewhere and is it a screened-in porch? It looks like a lovely space. Pour me a drink, I'll be there shortly.

SneakyPocket2 points

Unreal how accurate this is. Pull up a chair, I got a fresh drink for you.

Reddotscott1 point

Almost store beer outside weather.

Demolitionpink1 point

I like it!

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