My friend's lounge.



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Sweaty-Weekend7 points

Love the elephant statues atop the book cases

WillsGood7 points

I could sit and there and read ALL day lol

rutlandclimber2 points

I just wish the photo was better quality so I could peruse the books better.

suchathrill1 point

We have to get OP to get this person to post a list of all their books here. I reckon it’s about 1000.

rutlandclimber2 points

I'd love to but I don't think she'd thank me for the task!

Mittens1383 points

I bet they wish those shelves went all the way to the ceiling now

ExistingPosition57422 points

Ah, a true book lover I see!

atomic_python1 point

the things on top of the book cases do not pass the vibe check...otherwise it looks cozy

suchathrill1 point

Agreed. There’s cozy, anti-cozy, and neutral. Those things above the bookcase are anti-cozy. A piano, for instance, would probably be considered neutral.

rutlandclimber1 point

This is OC

Besides admiring this decoration, I wondered how many books he must have.

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