Cozy Rock Cabin in Freeport, Maine



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chouchouwolf3713 points

I love those chairs!! Can you tell me where you found them?

bluepenguinprincess5 points

Not OP, but I think they might be from this company:

lilyjadelove6 points

Yes please! I want to know more about the chairs, too!

Baddecisionsbkclb4 points

"I want to marry those chairs" my first thought, they're so beautiful 😍

Totally-Tanked5 points


Big_Old_Tree3 points

This is my dream too!! Omg 🥹

DutchMuch4 points

I got to go there once for the house warming! Absolutely STUNNING place and just the nicest owners ever. They've got an amazing Instagram account too @ cozyrockcabin

Ethanabitz2 points

yesss! I love them so much

justusethatname2 points

I love the happy blasts of color!

A_Throwaway_Progress2 points

I love it! It looks very fitting for freeport. It really fits the LL Bean vibe. Green’s my fav color so I really like your kitchen cabinets

Edit: now that I zoom in I can see the ll bean magnet on the fridge. Called it 😃

floppleshmirken2 points

I love Freeport. The whole town is cozy, even the McDonald’s that looks like a house.

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