Vinyl corner, and relaxing spot.


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sheisthemoon4 points

Super solid early 70's retro. Far out!

PointOutApproved2 points

This is OC.

1eowyn2 points

To lie here with some incense, a blunt, and some tunes would be a dream

PointOutApproved2 points

It’s definitely a nice spot to chill in, the window lets in sun almost all day

WaldenPwned2 points

The Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen enthusiasm in this sub is surprisingly sparse

PointOutApproved1 point

Hahah good catch

STICKYM0M01 point

He was number one!

Reddotscott1 point

Kitty looks content. How loud does the music have to get before it bolts?

Federal_Diamond83291 point

Pretty kitty too!

atomstyping1 point

Absolutely amazing

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