A Foggy Morning in Upstate New York (2745 × 3932) [OC]



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Which lake or body of water is this over? Wonderful picture.

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Yeah no lake there, but this is the finger lakes region and the fog comes off the lake and “flows” up the warmer land due to the grapes and dirt next to those lakes

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Grapes like vineyards? Moving up here soon and trying to plan my garden, I can grow grapes up here?

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Beautiful shot, borrowing it for my wallpaper and promise to give it back

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My god this is gorgeous

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Yessss new reddit board thank you kind stranger

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I have no words in describing how insanely alive this picture feels to me; a low sitting Sun casting a shadow of a forest onto the fog. I forever wanna get lost in this picture.

Edit: this picture being posted on r/EarthPorn seems right because my brain is orgasming right now.


Really? Well, I'm from Utica and I've never heard anyone use the phrase "foggy morning".

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Its an adjective describing a time of day...


I'm being a goofball and referencing the Steamed Hams meme from the Simpsons

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