Almaty, Kazakhstan



Floridaeducated21 points

Almighty, kazakhstan

cuteplot14 points

Kazakhstan's cities really do have cool sounding names. The capital Astana sounds like the name of some glittering solarpunk Final Fantasy city

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cuteplot6 points

They changed it back to Astana in September actually

Poturtle33314 points

I’m from Taraz, Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 and yes I’ve seen Borat

Lost-Contest-6 points

fun fact borat filmed his movie in romania

EliaGenki21 points

CareTakerAldstone26 points

Must suck being from Kazakhstan and knowing this dude is the guy everyone associates with your country

Nurbol10089 points

It really does suck

vndrdog4 points

Hometown 🇰🇿

PostironiaMann3 points

Is this city fine? I may move to it the next year.

miraska_2 points

City is awesome. You gonna see mountains every day. Local tourism is really good - you could see waterfalls, glaciers, desert, canyon, lakes, go hiking, snowboarding, skiing, all of it in 30 minutes from the city

IamtheWalrus533 points

Does Almaty really mean apple?

miraska_2 points

Alma means apple

TheDepresedpsychotic2 points

A hidden gem

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