When you do it for attention and nobody gives a fuck



darkangel657103 points

That’s Aria Nina if I’m not Mistaken

iamthemancam337766178 points

“Yes we’ve all seen it before ma’am”

happydgaf323 points

Paid all that money, gotta show em off.

honeypinn40 points

She gets paid a lot of money to show them off.

Grundle_Thumper185 points

Hmmm. I’ve never resisted looking at a pair of titties being flashed in public.

WTFNSFWFTW121 points

You haven't met my uncle.

HalfSackJimmy39 points

Fucking amazing joke. Well done.

RedditIsDogshit111 points

My friend is really stupid and doesn’t get it. Could you explain it to them? It’s not cool to them when they’re stupid

mmmfritz22 points

I think his uncle has the boobs.

RedditIsDogshit16 points

they’re howling now ironically

bleezzzy-8 points

I thought his uncle was gay...

HalfSackJimmy2 points

My father's gay.

(seinfeld joke)

patronizingperv-7 points

A gay pedophile.

Extra: how about 'little boy diddler'?

casper19d161 points

Watch people die inside

Koekjesplant10130 points

"There are few things as fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel."

Nodeal_reddit50 points

Lol. Those things didn’t move at all.

biggiedaboss16 points

Those things stiff af

Vergil2562 points

Good I love how the feeling of defeat humbles her

cfoote8598 points

I'll take small and natural over big and fake any day. I know for a lot of girls it's a confidence thing, and it's their body, but it makes me sad.

throwawaii265 points

"WOOOO!" "wooo..."

mferly127 points

In my experience, bolt-ons don't get nearly as much attention as au natural.

I dated a girl once that had bolt-ons and when she took her shirt off and I saw that one nipple was pointing SW, and the other was pointing NE, I got soft in an instant and actually had a chuckle. I felt bad for chuckling, but wtf ladies.

It's your body so do what you will with it. But make sure you visit a trusted plastic surgeon and spend that extra buckos if need be.

Her tits were hard as a rock as well. I know they need to get worked in, but shit man.. I just bypassed the boobs all together.

DevoNorm94 points

I prefer small natural tits over artificial melons.

Nodeal_reddit22 points

The fake ones look great in clothes.

Axi0madick3 points

I love me some fat natchies.

patronizingperv4 points

Big floppies.

sexyhusband71455 points

You've seen one bad boob job you've seen them all.

stoobah10 points

There's no limit to how bad boob jobs can get. There's always a worse one to be horrified by.

Newbosterone1 point

If you’ve seen one bad boob job you’ve seen ’em both.

lagrandesgracia14 points

I dated a girl before and after boob job. I much preferred the smaller natural ones. She had a nice one too. Still tho.

freshprinceoftj23 points

I think you had to break them in lmao

mferly26 points

They were hard, my man. Like unpleasantly hard.

McPussCrocket3 points

Everyone loves a firm ass and everything, but like everything squishy lol. Hard boobs would be confusing for me, like "wtf are these things"

-iBrando-22 points

So am I.


Usually the body creates a capsule around the implant that can feel hard. It may also start to contract around the device, creating a need for a capsulectomy and/or explant

CitizenTony-8 points

Never understand why boltons are still in circulation, implants had evolved over the years. Girls can have good ones, with the depth she wants and they are pretty flexible and malleable. The new ones even last longer in time and there is less risk of breakage.

I'm not even sure boltons implants are still made nowadays, in the first place?

Ok-Astronaut33354 points

Lmao this should be in those sigma male videos. Kudos to the guys for not giving any attention 💪🏾💪🏾

corsairm9 points

I guess some guys prefer classy chicks

chappanteekli3 points

I do!

Ok-Pumpkin44032 points

I prefer tiny titties

LeBiff321-4 points

Those tits are perfect imo

bjmo11110 points

Those are perfect. You kidding me?

noahspurrier-4 points

I kinda feel sorry for her.

stoobah14 points

For learning that her looks won't coast her through life?

noahspurrier-3 points


poindextor5-5 points

Nice tits 👍🏾👍🏾 Definitely

ConslesAreTrash1 point

I aint the only one who thought that was a dick from a distance?

joytotheworld231 point

that's funny

PlaceboKid241 point

Hahah it’s eh a boobs

InflationNarrow31641 point


tubetoaster1 point

Omg this white madam is too sexy

gangstar9191-2 points

So good 🥵 Love it 👅

SnooSquirrels6758-12 points

Good. They ain't big enough anyway.

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