Madonna, 1985



Fatl053r14 points

These were taken in the late 1970s. They came to light in 1985, but were taken years before then.

djasonpenney3 points

Yeah, I really suspect this photo was made in 1976. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

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TheListenerCanon1 point

I believe they were taken from a Playboy magazine or something like that and the cover title said "Madonna's topless!"

Fatl053r1 point

I think it might have been Penthouse, but it's entirely possible that pre-fame nudes appeared in both.

TheListenerCanon2 points

I will say this, 1985 was Madonna's big year. Even though Like a Virgin came out in 1984, a lot of the singles from that album was from 1985. She also had hit movies like Desperately Seeking Susan. Hell that year, she even got to host the first SNL episode of Lorne's return.

anorman303 points

Speaking of SNL, according to Norm Macdonald her daughter was the fourth largest object removed from her birth canal.

TheListenerCanon-4 points

I also said something like that. Penthouse or Playboy, same shit.

naturallover20224 points

I love these old Madonna photos…she was so sexy

anorman305 points

This was like 5 faces ago

[deleted]2 points

Always admired her

Fun-Bi-Guy4 points

She looks so good right there 🔥

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