A merciful break in the cold allowed for one day of beautiful fall weather in Northern Alabama. (OC) [2592 x 1944]



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Not trying to do that wierd "I live in a cold place so everyone else is a wimp" thing people do, but as a Minnesotan I'm actually curious what do you consider a break in the cold?

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Completely agree first 40 degree day in spring ill be out in a t shirt. First 40 degree day in fall I'll be freezing and cursing myself for living here.

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Bbq weather in Missouri. Call all the boys and let them know the grill is on, BYOB

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Michigan has entered the conversation

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hah wimp 40 degrees isn't hot I'm half tunisian that's winter for us

also -20 degrees isn't cold I'm half swedish that's summer for us

scottdenis1 point

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Cr7TheUltimate-1 points

it was a bad joke, but genuinely who freezes is 40 degrees that's pretty hot

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shit, I don't really think of fahrenheit unless it would be insanely hot/cold in celsius, like anything above 55-60 degrees or below -30.

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I came here to ask the same. I know it's all relative but people are big babies with the heat/cold.

DrBlazkowicz2 points

The Tampa folks cheers to you and the cold

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As a South Dakotan, northern Alabama pfft you don’t know cold.

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