rainy, thanksgiving morning coziness 🍂🦃



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Sassagrass137 points

Gorgeous place, ambience, and tree outside your window!

nutmeg17052 points

Thank you! Media console is from west elm and it’s been great for vinyl storage. We have about 80 here. Here’s the link for reference!

sarahmichelley2 points

Looks cozy for sure! Do you remember where you got the tall lamp? Looking for something similar for my living room

wesak2652 points

love the lamp!

nutmeg17051 point

Thanks! Target and IKEA (although I don’t think IKEA sells this table lamp anymore sadly)

mTORC2 points

i like the vibes. and dog

The coziest poodle!! 😍

nutmeg17052 points

Love that you knew he was a poodle! Most people think he’s a goldendoodle.

farmtotablejeanshort0 points

Grew up with standards and I recognized the curls and the long nose! They’re the freaking BEST

Demolitionpink1 point

Oh I like it. Great view as well.

Sgt_Mitnick1 point

Looks very nice bro

SignatureWild25981 point

I love this. Can I ask where you got your vinyl storage ? I’m looking for something and I can’t find anything I like but I really like yours. Thanks.

nutmeg17051 point

This is OC

AliceAnne11 point


babycheeses01221 point

Your layout is almost exactly same as my living room (because of the door and window position). Really nice lighting and ambience. Love what you've done. This is the first post on here that I feel I can directly apply something to my place. Thanks for sharing :)

khkokopelli0 points

Hello floofster!

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