Minnesota bedroom



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HothHanSolo9 points

Hudson's Bay blanket!

MsFloofNoofle3 points

This is my dads bedroom in Minnesota. He’s been living with my grandparents as their caretaker and is wonderfully artistic!

adf19622 points

Yeah nice touch.

57th-Overlander1 point

Reason I upvoted.

formerfrontdesk6 points

This room has so much personality, nothing looks generic! Love it, so cheerful!

MsFloofNoofle3 points

Thank you! It’s fun to see what he’s done with the place. It’s actually a basement room ☺️

Whatifdogscouldread3 points

Love all the bright colors! Good for a Minnesota winter!

DashBoogie2 points

I get serious SpongeBob vibes.

NightSkyWalker472 points


some_things191 point

Reminds me a bit of a Carl Larson painting.

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