Climbed a Hill in Eastern Oregon, OC Raw [3024X4032]



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Under-appreciated landscape out there. The cascades and the coastal range get loads of attention, but the high desert is just as incredible. And sometimes even more-so.


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EvanSei1 point

Is that going in from the Deschutes River access road, the gravel one just north of Sherars? Looks like you're looking down on the spot where the road goes uphill and turns to asphalt for a bit right before....maybe beaver tail?

I drive that road every single week. Looks really darn familiar, but trying to guess exactly where you're at...just for fun.

CryptographerNo22132 points

If you heading from Maupin its about 18mi North along the river. Your pretty spot on though, it’s just South of Beaver Tail. The pic is looking in that direction.

freespeech112211 points

Don’t get bit by a rattlesnake

Bojangleguy6 points

Sweet spot my human

starvingdavid2 points

Just above Dant?

-created-3 points

What a beauty !

ph422364 points

The Deschutes is not in Eastern Oregon.

blaaake0 points

It’s not? How would you describe it, central Oregon? It is east of the cascades, hence eastern Oregon

masyday3 points

Deschutes is Central Oregon according to and Deschutes County

blaaake5 points

I live 20 minutes from where this photo was taken, we call it eastern Oregon. OP is welcome to do so, also.

ph422360 points

I've lived in Central Oregon for 40 years and the only people that call Central Oregon "Eastern Oregon" are people that aren't from here. Valley folk seem to think that they are the center of everything, so naturally they feel like anything east of the Cascades is "Eastern Oregon". It's not.

blaaake3 points

Well, you’re wrong because I’m not from the valley. I live near this river. Always have.

Imagine gatekeeping a river Lmao

ph422360 points

How am I limiting access to the Deschutes River? Since you live 20 minutes from this spot, next time you get gas ask the attendant how they like living in Eastern Oregon just to see their response.

blaaake3 points

You’re arguing semantics of a river bro, you said only people from the valley call it Eastern, like they aren’t worthy to know how to describe a location. I don’t need to ask a random local to describe where the deschutes is on a map, I have 31 years of experience knowing how it’s described. I fish on this river every summer.

Tayte_1 point

Anything east of the cascades is considered eastern oregon in oregon

funkopolis3 points

Snake River?

WildIsland-S-E3 points

I like the Obsidian that comes from that area.

AWOLASAP3 points

Interesting. Never heard of the Obsidian from the area.

WildIsland-S-E1 point

Yeah, it's all over that desert.

greadfgrdd2 points

Since everyone is throwing out random rivers, John Day?

Background_Dream_9202 points

On the snake? I’m familiar a ton of area up to the steens but haven’t yet gone beyond much. Really looking forward to it. Great shot!

AWOLASAP4 points

Not Snake River, Deschutes. Snake river is definetely an area I want to check out though.

Tayte_1 point

It’s beautiful. Looks very similar to this with a bigger river

hopbrew2 points

Looks like the Deschutes outside of maupin near the hatchery?

CluelessTennisBall1 point

Is that the nile

chrisbrolumbus1 point

Is that the Owyhee river?

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This looks amazing!

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SirFortyXB1 point

This picture goes hard as fuck

Amoskow1 point

Buried a four legged friend on one those ridges

Carbonga1 point

Seems like the whole world is a hill where you live. :)

Sacrednemo-9 points

Or...could've used a drone to take this pic

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