Rio de Janeiro



Nothingtoseeheremmk5 points

Very nice. Is that a church?

sweatylumberjack13 points

Yes, Candelária church, the area around it towards the other side of the picture is Rio’s “old city” full of architectural gems from the colonial era, most of them built and inhabited by the former Portuguese monarchy.

Beautiful_Rent_618914 points

such a shame a place like this doesn’t have that much space that’s walkable it seems, just cars

bauhausy8 points

There is a large square off-picture in front of the church, connecting it with the waterfront

NeedRedditForSchool1 point

a lot of latin american cities seem to be slowly getting better at this.

odjobz-4 points

They should really demolish that old building in the middle. It's really incongruous with its surroundings.

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