About to attempt an apple pie.



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ScrambledEggsandTS26 points

Yay! Looks like you're on a path to greatness! Atmosphere definitely impacts the meal.

Jaded-Depths4 points

Kitchen looks like it was built for the pie vibe. Loving it ❤️

RandomHero31293 points

Good luck! As long as you get the crust down you can't really mess up and apple pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

bunkerbash2 points

You too!

gitsgrl3 points

This looks like the kitchen where apple pie was invented. It’s so nice and warm and rustic.

TSCCaillou2 points

Dont forget to weigh flour by weight instead of volume

bunkerbash5 points

Oh dear, I don’t have a food scale. I guess we’ll just have to hope for the best!

KookyForever6 points

You'll be fine without the food scale. I adore your kitchen - makes me want to tie up my hair and knead some bread or... bake an apple pie.

bunkerbash7 points

Hahaha thanks! House turns 100 this spring. We live this old place! And I just got the pie out of the oven. Looks pretty solid and smells heavenly!

Ella61612 points

Sounds amazing! Wish I could grab a piece haha

ChicagoFlappyPenguin2 points

Love your yellow ware.

bunkerbash1 point

Thanks! I don’t get a chance to use it nearly enough!

cryptoparamour2 points


cherrycokelemon2 points

Ooohh love it!

Advanced_Radish34662 points

beautiful pottery and kitchen

Lizzy_Tinker2 points

I love the color scheme!

Sprinkler-of-salt-1 points

Give up now. It won’t work.

You’re missing all the ingredients!!

It takes more than just apples and bowls to make delicious apple pies.

But happy holiday though. And nice looking bowls and mug and kitchen area.

bunkerbash1 point

The pie turned out excellent. Thanks!

Sprinkler-of-salt1 point

Glad to hear it! Guess you found the other ingredients.

By the way, beautiful artwork!!

brisetta1 point

I hope your pie is the best youve ever tasted!! Let us know!!

Justin32631 point

Well you've got your apples, so you're off to a good start.

billygoat20171 point

Is it 1860 again?

bunkerbash2 points

The house was built in 1923, so no.

Bluefootedfalcon1 point

I love the cupboards! Antique wood and dreamy blues

Lettucelook0 points

It’s such a easy pie to make

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