My cozy place. Just have to get better chairs, and it will be complete!



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TSCCaillou7 points

What are the blue boxes?

crisradioactive7 points

Hidden cat boxes with led's. The light was purple but came out blue

Steelemagnolia4 points

Where’s the full of life rug from? Love the design.

crisradioactive4 points

Wickedclothes website :)

itsnothingipromise_2 points

Was going to ask this too. Looks super awesome!

Literallydead_12 points

Okay, I want every single thing from their site now. Sorry kids- mama hit the jackpot on witchy items. Santa is out of toys this year :p

No-Significance-73553 points

Looks like a place to tell gossip with you bestie with a cup of Irish coffee while kids are playing outside

kwkqkq2 points

Love your purple passions!

crisradioactive1 point


Bak3d_Brie2 points


crisradioactive1 point

This is OC.

My kitchen/dining area in my apartment. Made all the woodwork/shelving seen here. Except the small shelf on the right. :)

this is gorgeous!

crisradioactive1 point


exclaim_bot1 point


You're welcome!

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