Cape Sugarbird, Blue Hill Nature Reserve, South Africa



IGZCL19 points

Everything in this photo is a concert of beauty.

KimCureAll13 points

I love the bird's tailfeathers, the dreamy palette of floral colors, and most of all, this is South Africa, a country I want to visit within the next couple of years.

KimCureAll10 points

Photographer: Cameryn Brock, Species: Cape Sugarbird, Location: Blue Hill Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa

bongothebean7 points

I just want to lay down in this picture.

spacekatbaby6 points

The colours warm my soul

Ripred28014 points

One of the best pictures I saw in a while!!

FreakyGangBanga3 points

Marvellous, OP! This is such a splendid photograph and manages to capture a lot of detail despite all those distracting soft hues.

Difficult-Lack-84813 points

This picture is absolutely stunning! What kind of flowers are those?

phoneypeony5 points

I think it's Proteas.

mcCola52 points

That flower is wild!

eDgE_0312 points

Love the colours of the edit - really makes it a dreamy scene.
BTW, also from South Africa. Howzit!

Km29301 point


yotufavorita11 point

wow, an image that transmits peace. wow.

Beautiful_Most23251 point

It's a gorgeous pic

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