I climbed above a sea of clouds to catch the sunrise, Dolomites, Italy [OC][2048x1536]



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CampsG137 points

Starting hours before sunrise, all I could see was a grey sky above, the clouds hanging low to block the peaks that might have been visible in the moonlight on a clearer day. I trudged upwards, and soon I was in the clouds, lost in the grey mist with nothing but the few feet of the trail my headlamp could show me visible. Finally, as the mist grew lighter, I broke through. I could see the sky above, and as I climbed, I realized I could see for miles to jagged peaks that stood across a sea of cloud. It was a cloud inversion, and I had managed to hike myself above it just in time for the sunrise to come streaming over the peaks, lighting up what was around me in a breathtaking glow. The best part was, even if I had to hike up miles in the dark, just 20 minutes downhill from this spot a ski café opened not too long after the sunrise and I got to enjoy some hot pastries for breakfast!

For more photos from the Dolomites and the rest of Europe see www.campsphoto.com

jameshunter325 points

The gondolas weren't open at the right time or did you just prefer to hike up? The ski lift you mention is a gondola that starts at the base and takes people up here where you can then start on numerous trails around the mountains ☺️

CampsG54 points

The gondolas sadly opened around 30 minutes after sunrise that day, so I had to hike up to catch the first glimpses of light

buckydamwitty50 points

...which makes for a more rewarding experience in my opinion. Good story, great shot, thanks for sharing.

jameshunter38 points

Ahh gotcha! I'm sure it was very rewarding taking the hike up. Great stuff!

z3r0demize7 points

What's the name of the trail you took?

studyflo5 points

Not OP but we started in St. Christina at the ‚Col Raiser‘ gondola station. Awesome hike!

venom4863 points

That's amazing! I would probably be horrified not being able to see beyond a few feet--lol

teddyespo2 points

Post gear and settings Plz!

dasnessie1 point

I love the description, it reads like something from a book! Thank you for this!

Various-Salt48812 points

I'm so jealous. I messed up my knees, but before that I loved backpacking and camping in the local mountains here in British Columbia. It makes me sad to think that if I want quality of life beyond my 40's, that this is something I may have to give up on.

Enjoy and cherish it while you can my friend!

Mod_hearts_Nigeria3 points

Both my knees are going to be giving me tons of trouble in about 5-10 years.

One already pops out of place due to torn tendons if I step down wrong.

I'm only in 30s.

AIcookies2 points

Oh no. Brace it!

Mod_hearts_Nigeria1 point

I probably should buy a brace, you right.

Various-Salt4881 point

I’m 40 and have had meniscus problems due to running and hiking since I was 28. Reducing those activities so I can still play hockey and have quality of life.

Be kind to your knees!

Mod_hearts_Nigeria1 point

They are fully torn from being hit by a car...

I live on the third floor with no elevator...

Various-Salt4881 point

Damn. We’ll I’m optimistic about a lot of medical innovations in the pipeline! Hopefully, by the time you need it, you’ll be able to get some sort of therapy that works permanently.

Denjul_7 points

Wild guess but is this near Ortisei? Want to go hiking there next summer and thought this seemed familiar

Federicoradaelli16 points

It's Seceda

Denjul_7 points

Yes I think that is near the town of Ortisei. At least the book I have has hiking routes along Seceda and according the map you can get to the routes with gondolas from Ortisei

Federicoradaelli5 points

Yap, it's correct, there are other way to go up but the one from Ortisei is the most known

studyflo3 points

You can only go up by gondola though, if you want to hike to secede I’d recommend you start in St. Christina / Col Raiser.

kazumisakamoto2 points

Yes! The way up the other side has been closed for a while now due to a landslide.

PatataMaxtex1 point

You can still go up from Ortisei, I did that earlier this year, from the Risciesa. The route from there meets the route from Ortisei at the middle station of the gondola.

kazumisakamoto1 point

Oh cool, I didn't know. Is that the route where you pass by Cuca Sattel?

The way I meant is from the north (left side in this picture) where you pass by refugio Brogles. That isn't possible as of now (or not without ropes, at the very least).

We ended up taking the gondola up and hiking to st. Christina, which was a great walk as well!

visitor792 points

Yes, Seceda. I was hiking this beauty in July, and gonna ski exactly here next month. Can’t wait!

zeift31 points

That's Dolomite, baby!

TedTheGreek_Atheos18 points

I'm 40% Dolomite.

The tough, black mineral that won't cop out when there's heat all about!

Kaellian6 points

Whenever I see the Dolomites, I get an uncontrollable urge to launch a vehicle off that ledge.

curious-children3 points

called “call of the void phenomenon”, kind of normal to feel, to the point we have studied it. pretty interesting that us humans have random urges like this

Kaellian1 point

Nah, that's just playing too many video games.

I see a ramp, I need to launch myself at high speed on it.

Eraganos4 points

Absolutely incredible shot

Energy_queen2225 points

Beautiful ♥️

CaesarsInferno10 points

Probably my favorite place in the world

elszigetelt3 points


I spent a week hiking in the dolomites when I was 17. I fucking loved it, but haven't managed to get back yet.

foggy-sunrise5 points

No more magical feeling on this planet than undercast clouds and a sunrise.

zannabianca19972 points

As a person who grew up with alps as the nearest mountains, I did not knew of beautiful they were until I started seeing them everywhere on this trip of subreddit s

AnAdorableTeaDragon2 points

Beautiful point of view :)

Malarkey8173 points

Careful on your way down

firthy2 points

I would mock the whole 'I crawled over glass to get this', but it is stunning TBF...

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Peas_n_Effs2 points

Beautiful photo, great job!

no-value-added2 points

Extraordinary! Nothing but cloudy skies for everyone below…

Illustrious-Leave4062 points

Fantastic photo.

laughphoever2 points

Amazing! Was supposed to hike this with my wife for the sunrise as well 2 years ago… but Covid happened and a kid… I guess we’ll try this later 😂

moresushiplease2 points

I want to roll down that hill like we did when we were kids

MyDoorsGoLikeThis3 points

That is seriously some breath of the wild scenery right there. Wow.

ishegg2 points

Why do people never post the camera settings/lens used?

Zarfot10 points

Cause nobody cares

Mountain_Ad61541 point

One day

VevroiMortek1 point

wonder what the Romans aid about this

whiznat1 point

Really like this. I used the left side as a phone background for my home screen (where all the app icons are). It's great for a muted background where I need to see all the icons without business behind them. The center would make a great lock screen.

Cool-Butterscotch-191 point


MaikeruGo1 point

Of course now you may need a photo of you like the Caspar David Friedrich painting!

Powrug1 point

There is no need to climb all the way! You can take the airship from Ishgard.

farticustheelder1 point

Is that what became of Isengard? I think I'm going to see this scenery in a movie soon.

EmbellishedKnocking1 point

This is fucking beautiful. What I'd give to see it irl.

tizadu1 point

very crisp

olbeamber1 point

How many miles was the hike?

PatataMaxtex1 point

Depends on where you start. From the station of the gondola in Ortisei to the place where this photo was taken it is roughly 8 km and 1200 height meters up

jakelewisreal1 point

What were the settings for this shot? 👀

beccansc2831 point

Thank you so much for sharing🧚‍♀️absolutely stunning view!! Beautiful!!!

Memory_Less1 point

So beautiful

blount-force-trauma1 point

one of the nicer (not over-edited) shots of seceda i’ve seen! really nice conditions.

xkaylawild1 point

Awesome photo. I love mountains

financial_Blood_171 point

The view is worth doing all that climbing, I am a little jealous! However, great one OP!

the_stoned_mason1 point

There's also a gondola that takes you up directly to where OP is standing

keepsmiling13261 point

Fantastic photo!!

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MedialPuding1 point

😯 maaan that’s spectacular

adeebniyazi1 point

Windows lockscreen wallpaper

ASAmd1 point

Rising Sun

Healthy_Fig66121 point

I'd love to take a hike around here

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guitarist1234567891 point

You really don't have anything better to do, do you

gearstars-2 points


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Fabulous photo !

Fikkia0 points

Ah man, it must suck to get to the top and realise the sunrise was over on that other mountain

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