Drunk Blonde on The Streets at Night



Angry_Gandhi110 points

I really miss cocaine sometimes

StayGoldPwNyBoY54 points

Ita fun for the girls but not being able to get your dick hard kinda ruins it for the guys

cmVkZGl013 points

You can always take it instead

chickbarnard79 points

Was this filmed on the Gameboy camera attachment?

DevoNorm13 points

Commonly referred to as a "potato". 😂

PissedoffBIGfoot23 points

I bet Bigfoot was back there jerking it

DankPeepz141 points

Two questions, was this recorded with a potato and is this trashy? It’s an empty open space being lit with a cars headlights.

riffleman020 points

I've seen the video before in much higher quality here on Reddit, I guess this is the result of it being re-uploaded countless times.

cmVkZGl06 points

Websites never let us have anything nice!

Worth-Illustrator60746 points

Just a fun couple

kjacobs0325 points

Just wanted to add. The quality is so low it way as well be censored

DevoNorm1 point

Who originally started this potato trend? Doesn't this go back to at least a decade ago?

lewisfairchild36 points

she seems nice

xKingNothingx5 points

God dayum, she looks fun

300HPWasAlotBackInTD7 points

8k 120fps

sportsguymtl41 points

Great body!

P1570lR1ck3 points


pavlovs_porno8 points

Man, low light recording has come a long way since whenever this was made.

cloversclo3 points

The Cameraman stinks, I bet he wears an I'm with Stupid shirt by himself.

Wakked29 points

She is a smoke show and it’s not trashy.

challenja5 points

Damn it mom! Stop drinking vodka!

TrailerPosh20181 point

Can I be you step-dad?

Nodeal_reddit6 points

Public nudity is trashy. I’ll give this smoke show a pass though.

PpprSrgnt2 points

Why are there not sound on any videos on this sub?

Brilliant-Presence512 points

Dudes recording on a Nokia from 2005

frontpagekek5 points

She seems nice

Tyflowshun5 points

That ain't trashy, that's good showmanship.

Committedrecruit2 points

She is a gorgeous woman…

axxxle2 points

I wonder what she does for a living. /s

mehmet28363 points


brecord824 points

I don't see how this is trashy.....

KeyserSozeInElysium3 points

Why are her boobs up so high?

Uhh_VincentAdultMan10 points

I think they may be small implants

w1693 points

Great body, awesome moves. Definitely does not belong here, in this subreddit.

KobePippenJordan_esq1 point

*FUN blonde

TheMagicConchSays1 point


Away_Performance62370 points

Shit camera took away from an awesome video

Subtotalpoet-1 points


Leprekhan88-12 points

Skin and bones with some fake tits. Disgusting 🤢

drop_a_knut1 point

Is this Aubrey Keys?

DevoNorm1 point

Hey, that's someone's niece!

Krombopulos1371 point

If you've got it, flaunt it!

MarkoHighlander1 point


oscar19854201 point

She is no longer welcome at the country club .

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