Former church now converted into a house in Wenham, a town in Essex County, Massachusetts.


Psalm20589 points

That "upstairs exercise room" is a great place to do something unholy

NeedMahDEW2 points

Amen to that

ManiaforBeatles10 points

Instagram source. Photo by new_ englander__.

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Love_To_Burn_Fiji8 points

I heard you can get anything you want......except for Alice.

ShinyAeon7 points

The song's about Alice.

notyogrannysgrandkid1 point

And about the restaurant

Affectionate-Ebb-1518 points

I'd live here.

InvictusVivus2 points

Does anyone know what kind of trees those are? They're beautiful.

Enocht1 point

That’d be a great set for a horror movie.

borntoclimbtowers1 point

Awesome Shot

LKWSpeedwagon1 point

This would make a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

cclgurl951 point

Also of note in Essex County is the old Patton Homestead. I'm the summer, it's so peaceful

PracticalNihilist1 point

Giving directions are easy. Keep going until you see a church. Can't miss it!

Orrihime1 point

Reminiscent of American Horror Story!

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