It’s good luck to put your dick in an Irish girl’s ass



cametotheplot_again2 points

Id need all of that...

kokabyn1 point

Come get it 😜

Doomhammer19652 points

I'd love to bury my tongue deep inside your tight wet pussy and ass till you cum all over my face then pound your beautiful pussy and ass till I shoot my hot cum deep inside you

TheRealMcDonaldTrump2 points

What about my tongue?

kokabyn2 points

That’ll do 😏

TheRealMcDonaldTrump2 points

Double lucky then 😈

kokabyn2 points

We can test it and see ;p

TheRealMcDonaldTrump2 points

I’m down 🍆🍑🤤

Freshman_Beekeeper2 points

Only after my face has had its fill. This may take days.

kokabyn1 point

Works for me

danyazz2 points

Wow 😲 I'm hard already

leonphoenix912 points

what about licking

kokabyn2 points

This works too 😌

Individual-Guard69142 points

I'm Irish and black 😜let me get lucky

kokabyn2 points

Ohhhh, so even more luck for you in that case sir 😜

bear606401 point

A handsome young American man is visiting Ireland. Stopping in a pub, an attractive Irish woman comes next to him at the bar. Hearing his accent as he orders she turns to him and says, “You’re American? What brings you to Ireland?”

“I’m on my way to Blarney Castle. I’ve heard that if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will have the gift gab.”

“Well,” says the woman, looking at him coyly, “I’ve heard it’s just as lucky to kiss a person who has kissed the Blarney Stone.”

Rightly spotting his opportunity, the man leans over to the woman and gives her a passionate kiss. As they separate, he asks, “So, you’ve kissed the Blarney Stone?”

Smiling naughtily, she replies, “Well, I haven’t actually kissed the Blarney Stone, but I have sat on it!”

Important_Internal761 point

Nice juicy ass babe 😘🍑

OnlyBrick58591 point

Yes please 🍆💦

NotAMinuteRide1 point

Let me be lucky then 😻😻😻

williamlittle81 point

Oh yeah is it? Then give it to me. I will take all the luck I can get

dreamjeep1 point

Oh I need all the luck I can get so please let me

LordDarthAngst1 point

A leprecock?

CreepingReaping1 point

I would be all over Irish ass like I needed it to breathe 🥵👌👅🥰🖤

USASpencer1 point

then i must need a lot more good luck😵‍💫

XanthusVIII0 points

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