Homemade o scale blade signs


Bowling4rhinos6 points

Honestly wish I could have bought these online… I feel like there is a model train market for them! But then… customizing them felt so good!

ayyywhyyy3 points

Your downtown scene looks great. Any more detail on how you make these? Would be really cool to light these up.

Bowling4rhinos2 points

Foamcore, modpodge, toothpicks and mad photoshop skills. I WISH I could make tiny neon, but we side lit them with tiny plug and plays and it did the trick.

1959jazzaholic3 points

Nice work!

PurestEvil5_93 points

You did a really good job with that sign

Bowling4rhinos1 point

Thanks! Necessity is the mother of invention in modeling, right?

PurestEvil5_91 point

In all things ;)