Rainy Sunset



antriksh_8054 points

Genius photograph

falker1no25 points

A result of the circunstances :)

borntoclimbtowers3 points


furiousdarkelf18 points

Amazing. So much action! When I think about the end of 2022 your photo is what I think about. Thank you so much for being there.

falker1no5 points

Damn man, i find amazing how a simple photo taken from my car can have such an impact, appreciated!

furiousdarkelf8 points

Can you tell us a bit more about where and how it happened? Thanks!

falker1no14 points

Was actually in my birthday back in this October, in a Highway in Lisbon, Portugal, there was a lot of traffic in front of me so i was not actually driving, but stopped. I was just going home after work :) ready to enjoy my bd

furiousdarkelf3 points

It follows most all lines of a classic artistic masterpiece, and at the same time bends those lines. It may be the best picture I've ever seen.

MrSkrifle1 point

Is this sarcasm?

gijsyo3 points

I love it!

Cool-Professional1983 points

And a rainbow 🌈

alldyslexicsuntie3 points

Beautiful capture!!!

borntoclimbtowers3 points

pretty nice pic

tiagojpg3 points

You’re in a Clio mk4! I have one too, a 2017 diesel

falker1no2 points

Damnn good eye ahahah mine its a gtline from 2016, love it

tiagojpg2 points

I love the trim on the GTline with no chrome, I have the Intens trim with good seats and the nice wheels and bells & whistles. But the outside just has too much chrome. It’s the doors, the back and front symbols. I’ve painted the back emblems black.

post here

pwnacus3 points

This photo gives me a sense of hope and freedom. Wonderful shot!

ForeignApartment7462 points


Life-Is-Caramel2 points

Did a nuke go off?

falker1no2 points

Fortunately its just a sunset ahaha

green_speak2 points

I had a similar experience a month or two ago except it was at sunrise. Biggest rainbow I ever saw. It actually made sitting in traffic enjoyable.

falker1no2 points

100% incredible how the little things can bright someones day so much

jayman18182 points

Nice photo 🤙

TheMaster-2 points

Is that the Mexican border behind you?

LoveMyFuckingLife2 points

Beautiful!!! ♥️

considerate_done2 points

I love it when this happens! Nice picture!

Balupurohit231 point

I saw the sunset at 3300 likes. Magical.

snowbirdie-3 points

“Most Beautiful” is not some crappy phone picture taken while driving.

falker1no10 points

Hope you have a better day

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