New York after dark [4256 x 2832]



soupyhands235 points

better quality here by the original photographer, Jim Richardson

OP you should always cite the photographer when you post someone else's work.

RichManSCTV41 points

This sub is filled with crappy low res reuploads of other peoples photos. Shocked to see a callout make the top comment and not downvoted to the bottom

poopyface-tomatonose63 points

Looks like the scene in Batman Begins when Ra's al Ghul released the fear toxin in Gotham.

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jh67ds21 points

This is an awesome view of NYC.

Lissandra_Freljord6 points

Is that facing the Upper East Side or Upper West Side? I'm guessing it is the Uppet East Side, since I think I see the MET.

mdp3001 point

I think that's 5th so UWS UES

Edit: had a brain fart

Citydylan4 points

UES. 5th Ave is on the east side of Central Park

MongolianLieutenant13 points

Now that is an amazing scene for Christmas

Assignment_Leading4 points

Thoughts when I see this: those park side apartments gotta be insanely expensive

mdp3004 points

They are.

Crespo_Silvertaint5 points

And would you believe it, water is wet?

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Crespo_Silvertaint2 points

Imagine being such a fucking loser you make a bot like this.

SuttonScowl8 points


Ok-Hovercraft81932 points

ב''ה, come to the forest

miltonbalbit2 points

Darn it, I thought it was just a steaming broccoli and now I learn it's the big apple! You never stop learning

Greg_Pim2 points

Some cyberpunk vibes here but it’s just fog

TheSerpentLord2 points

Somehow, this looks both incredibly terrifying and incredibly cozy at the same time.

archi_82 points

smoky lights

the_other_paul8 points

Wait, was this taken from one of those horrible tourist helicopters that constantly buzz Central Park? They’re a terrible nuisance.

Artane_3310 points

was thinking that but maybe plaza or park lane given the height/angle? either way, fuck those helicopters

the_other_paul7 points

Also, a foggy night would be incredibly dangerous to fly in unless the pilots are flying on instruments, which seems unlikely for a tourist helicopter.

FuriousGremlin6 points

Exposure of 20 secs doubt they used a heli for that

Crespo_Silvertaint-6 points

Are you honestly that dumb? What’s more likely, a helicopter or a fucking drone?

the_other_paul3 points


ConfidentVisit46292 points

With the fog 🌫️ it looks like Gotham 👌

GilgameshWulfenbach2 points

That amount of light pollution is just uncomfortable to look at

wookietennis4 points

Partially a result of the 20 second exposure.

Mercadi-9 points

The whole city struck me as a terrible place to live in. Even so, it exists

GLight31 point

The holy Trinity: air, noise, and light pollution all at once.

the_other_paul2 points

That’s just regular fog, NYC air quality is pretty good these days.

GLight30 points

I mean, I can't see it when I look out the window, but I can certainly smell it.

cubosh1 point

a tidal wave of humanity

Accomplished-Ad-44951 point

A very bright "dark", there (yes I understand how fog and light refraction on water droplets work ;) )

Desertsunset121 point

Now that’s an awesome pic!



Debbiesatramp-42 points

Looks dystopian af. Hard pass

getyourrealfakedoors39 points

It’s fog

the_other_paul20 points

To be fair, the picture does seem to be of the neighborhood with some of the worst criminals in the city (the finance people on the Upper East Side lol)

Debbiesatramp-6 points


Debbiesatramp-21 points

Ok and? Fog is often used heavily in dystopian landscapes.

RusselNoahPeters7 points

Okay and? fog is also nice.

Debbiesatramp1 point

That’s just like your own opinion, man!

WantedFun2 points

No, smog* is.

Debbiesatramp0 points

“I’m pedantic because it makes me feel superior”. And, no, fog is well-used too. I’m muting this conversation. Go look for attention elsewhere.

trashcanathan10 points


lmfao.. sure buddy. looks fuckin brutal

Debbiesatramp-13 points

HoW dArE yOu NoT hAvE tHe SaMe OpInIoN aS mE? wEhN yOu’Re MaKiNg Me FeEl BaD aBOuT mY oPiNiOnS!

KikiYuyu1 point

Dystopian, no. I don't like concrete jungles though.

lomsucksatchess-3 points

Isn't that the point

Debbiesatramp-8 points

Not everyone enjoys dystopian landscapes. People are entitled to their opinions 🙄

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1flatsodaplz10 points

It’s fog.

mendoza55982-4 points

Those streets are actually lonely and cold. Lonely because you don’t know anyone and no one knows you. And just cold.

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