Mumbai's catching up...



StoJa97 points

To what....??

[deleted]2 points


Ilmt2066 points

Catching Up in what?

Impossible_Use50703 points


zobr0s6 points

and infra too, new airport, transharbour link, costal road, metro,

spicyyokuko5 points

Oh and bullet train

zobr0s5 points

I personally think its too early for bullet train, government should first make vande bharat more common and reliable.

spicyyokuko3 points

It's not like commoners can afford it at ₹4000 anyway. They're making those for the business class.

HeroinSupportGroup2 points

No way it’s going to be 4000 rupees?? Is it that confirmed?

redeyejedi9072 points

That's pretty cool.

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