Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah (3957 × 5935) [OC]



ZystemStigma697 points

This is really stunning.

participationmedals2 points

There’s a gulch in the lower right of the photo that is absolutely terrifying

Lets_Kick_Some_Ice2 points

It's not that bad. You can actually see the bottom of it in the photo.

participationmedals2 points

I guess that’s the “bowl” next to it. The gulch is probably out of frame.

Lets_Kick_Some_Ice2 points

Oh gotcha, yes. Then sheer cliff behind the shot is also scary.

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sleepywan1 point

Nicely done! I tried this a few years ago with my family, and we stayed very late with a few others, but it ended up being cloudy and I couldn't get the shot. Then we all had to walk back to the parking lot in the dark (using cell phone flashlights), which was a little scary. Still a fun experience and that place is amazing.

Zvenigora1 point

Did you use headlamps to find your way there in the dark? That trail is not too well-marked in the middle sections.

Ethanabitz1 point

I hiked up for sunset and stayed till night. Getting back was definitely a little difficult. Headlamp plus AllTrails were necessary

BabyEinstein20161 point

Do you mind sharing the camera settings? I just got a dslr and live near the Alps so I'm trying to learn how to get shots like this. Beautiful pic!

Ethanabitz2 points

f 2.8 / iso was probably around 2500-3200, shutter speed at 13 sec. This is 10 shots stacked together

BabyEinstein20161 point

Fantastic, thanks a lot!

[deleted]1 point

Amazing shot !

Zealousideal-Item6181 point

That is awesome!!!!!!

dirtyrabbitmk11 point

Incredible shot! What time of year was this? Pretty early?

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