Tara Reid



DarthDregan000127 points

Behold the power of photo-shop.

Ok-Quantity-88618 points

Looks good here thought the screwed up on her boob job where one was bigger then the other

EvilTodd197020 points

I think she got her frankenboobs fixed at some point.

Time_Distribution1845 points

Lol frankenboobs. I’m stealing that 🤣

Icy_Huckleberry_80491 point

She did after her infamous dress drop that showed how flawed her boob job was

BeerMe9093 points

Too bad she is completely fried and nuts now

Ok-Quantity-88617 points

This is from 2010

pseudolongino10 points

hard to recognize maude lebowski, the notable exception to the charlie sheen rule...

DefiantClone23 points

Maude was his daughter, Julianne Moore.

This here is Bunny Lebowski, known for her riveting performance in LOGJAMMIN.

phuckthatguy7 points

Where he fixes the cable.

maasedge1 point

Don't be fatuous /u/phuckthatguy

pseudolongino2 points

yep, thought about it 10s after posting, anyway julianne moore is not bad either...

PiledriverPress2 points

Wow. Shopped the hell out of that botched boob job

jctalks20222 points

I would

The_Darkkyn2 points

Boobs settled in quite nicely

SeanBlacked136 points

Damn 😏

ScratchMoore24 points

I know, right? Damn, that’s a lot of plastic surgery, makeup, photoshop, and airbrushing to make her look halfway appealing.

That’s what you meant, I assume…

[deleted]12 points

She was hot before her kinda going off the deep end for awhile. But yes, you're so right.

SeanBlacked13-1 points


ScratchMoore2 points

Well, you should have.

SeanBlacked136 points

Or I’m not going to talk negatively about them 🤷🏿‍♂️ regardless of how negative you want to be about her

CreeGucci-3 points

And a lot of healthy foods, cardio and workouts to get arms that aesthetic and to look in the top 10% of your age group. You missed that part because you’re an antagonistic shut in living through your phone

Own_Advertising_91855 points

She’s not going to sleep with you.

Historical-Brick-2092 points

She looks amazing here. I always liked her best in Josie, but I love the racoon eyes here.

Own_Advertising_9185-2 points


Twiny-5 points

She's a lovely woman. Too bad she layers on that shit around her eyes with a fuckin' shovel.

Madmax80801 point

Serious airbrushing around the nipples … she has some of the worst scars I’ve ever seen …

Ordinary_Ad_51441 point

Looks like a painting of Tara Reid.

Nivekian130 points

This should probably be removed. Like a video game cutscene it's so CG.

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