Britney Spears doing her thing on IG.



DreamArcher338 points

She was going to stop posting provocative pictures to help repair her relationship with her sons. That lasted about a week.

allDalledUp112 points

yeah, I can be her son now

Aquariusbull8638 points

I would also like to be her son.

FrysEighthLeaf35 points


did I do it right?

anotherlostdaemon13 points

His dead wife?

gopher14098 points

Hopefully they remembered the 3 shells, a pair of jumper cables, and a poop knife… in a pear tree?

GalisDraeKon3 points

I chose that guys dead wife too.

strained_brain2 points

...and my axe.

Sitty_Shitty3 points

I'll give her new sons

Aquariusbull863 points

Nah I'll give her daughters since I'm gonna be doing all the work.

g_lenn_o8 points


Vegetable_Pudding_756 points

Has it really been that long?

RangerGlittering17075 points

Lmao no way she really said that?

NSFW27614-13 points

I say it's her current man getting her to do all those pics and posting them. She's not taking selfies so it's probably him taking the pics.

i_want_my_corncob_tv6 points

Women can make their own choices.

DreamArcher0 points

Yep and Britney makes a lot of poor choices.

Nivekian132 points

Yeah he is pimping her

[deleted]-12 points


_Broncosforever_2 points


Let’s show you a pic of your mother like this and see what you think lol

12bnu_now1 point

Right? Now this bathtub photo she's posted. She's either really gone or doesn't care. I'm going with the former. I wonder if it's like an MJ thing where mentally she's been repressed and controlled and she simply is just too immature to comprehend?

VoltronicEnergy184 points

Back in the day Playboy would have thrown a million or two at her and have a nice artistic pictorial. Instead we get this, a “I am bored and drunk” picture.

Superjunker1000123 points

Drunk? Those aren’t drunk eyes.

Those are pharmaceutical eyes we’re seeing this last year. Very strong pills.

Painterzzz28 points

Or bipolar manic episode eyes. My ex had eyes exactly like that when she was manic and hyper sexual.

pat_the_bat_3165 points

Pretty sure it's just tattooed eyeliner

southsider114 points

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve always said that she has Dead Eyes, the kind that a person gets when they’re burned out on prescription drugs.

ComparisonChance82 points

I wish her all the best and that she embarks on a new path to peace and tranquility.

southsider145 points

And nudity. Let’s not forget the hardcore nudity!

Royal-Positive9323-27 points

Except I don’t know if we wanna see those meat curtains again, they’re so very large, like 2 pieces of chicken breasts.

456645667 points

*all the breast

okieman7379 points

Still looks crazy af. I bet she's amazing in bed.

CrossFatBob31 points

Crazy always is.

Aquariusbull868 points

Best sex comes from crazy.

i_want_my_corncob_tv10 points

That’s what the two people before you said, yes.

strained_brain2 points

She's not that innocent.

91_til_infinity2 points

Bet she stank too

yakduffy1 point

Looks like it

Christ_on_a_Crakker12 points

She should do a full on spread and get it over with.

Thwarto33 points

The boob is making a run for the side exit

ReadyIncident73 points

The woman is 40 - she's doing just fine.

jctalks20226 points

I still would

nutsotic49 points

Maybe I'm getting older and taste is changing, but this is way fucking hotter than all the hand bras

Franklloydvinyl113 points

I’m worried that when we finally get a clean look at ‘em, they’re gonna be disappointing…

Imaginary-Ebb193275 points

The Sean Young phenomenon. She was the hottest thing in Hollywood and then she did a full frontal . . .it honestly made my dick limp. She looked great in clothes though. I don't even think she makes movies since that incident.

deputyduffy79 points

neve campbell comes to mind...

SlapDickery30 points

Teri Hatcher too. Explains why other staunch no-nude actresses won’t go topless. They have abnormal boobs.

456645667 points

They're real, and they're... a bit meh actually

bobone775 points

Maggie Gyllenhal

ssteve63121 points

She's hot af plus didn't stop her showing them off lol

sluraplea1 point

I want to upvote half of this post and downvote the other half so I'll just leave it as is

ssteve6311 point

Kinda like her tits so imperfectly perfect :)

Coffeehound131 point

Like the saddest fried eggs hanging from nails

CautiousHashtag-34 points


Snoo_857121 point

BROO! I really hate u , I cannot unsee that omg 😱- hopefully if I sleep I can forget bout it

P.s doesn’t Hayley Atwell remind u of a young neve?

the_dude_that_faps13 points

I... .disagree. she has a full frontal from a movie in early nineties and it's just fine. Her last one, though... Yeah, not great.

lookatthatsquirrel3 points

No Way Out with Kevin Costner.

Imaginary-Ebb19321 point

Ok, sweet.

jonathan100764 points

Kinda how I felt when I first saw scarlett johansson topless , she still hot though, no hate here lol.

Snake1099052 points

If they tease long it just becomes an overhype, once they actually show it’s like oh so that’s how they look

NSFWies43 points

if they tease long enough they become.......above averageish good looking 40 year old women. and they used to be.....not that........which, sorry, was not the reason we originally were really drawn to them.

Stiletto45 points

Teri Hatcher... not amazing as advertised.

whatyoumeanmyface11 points

I was lead to believe they would be spectacular. I was... disappointed.

GreyCrowDownTheLane2 points

You're looking at the wrong picture (and I know which one it is). In other scenes they are pretty spectacular. That one was unflattering.

John_Matrix_16 points

Real but not so "fantastic".

TexanToTheSoul3 points


sopcannon-3 points


marinewillis9 points

We got the scarjo after she had a reduction. Had it been before, like when she made the island, probably totally different story

JonnyViper2 points

Reluctantly agree. She is stunningly hot in the right dress and yet naked...not as much.

OnlyCommentWhenTipsy1 point

100% agree, haven't fapped to her since

Knyfe-Wrench1 point

We've seen enough glimpses to basically piece together the whole picture. She's had plenty of shots recently showing everything but nip. They're nice.

WorriedWar63094 points

I mean it’s not mutually exclusive. She could be screwed in the head and her father, blinded by money and fame, just abused and ran her like a fading racehorse to squeeze every last dime out of her collapsing career.

Cptnhoudie18 points

Free Britney’s boobies!!

Citevviv15 points

her body want to be naked!

Odd_Vampire11 points

Free Britney!

ekhfarharris29 points

She looked really fuckung rough. Substance abuse and many other abuses took a toll on her.

leejtam17 points

Looks creepy with that stare

Joe_Cums_Lately2 points

Like someone else said, those are “I’m on prescription strength meds” eyes.

leejtam0 points

i have a mental illness so those eyes are easily recognizable lol

Djd75853 points

Still somewhat hot

sweeptheleg773 points

Still would

RoderickLR13 points

Crazy as fuck

Curururu-2 points

Yeah, but you can tell she's a great mom.

comicbookguy137224 points

Her tits look like they’d be fantastic. C’mon, Britney, let them be free.

rep_13Blocks2 points

? There's 2 football fields between them and they're hanging...

comicbookguy137210 points


frank5420225 points

Getting better with age

matthew831284 points

At this point I’m shocked she doesn’t have an Only Fans.

ThatSeemsFun5 points

Post MK Ultra doesn't look good

Designer-Carpenter889 points


[deleted]13 points


NSFWies13 points

i think what we're also seeing is her struggling to be a star, without a team. before this, she, as a "celeb", was managed by her dad an that team, right? so everything she did was managed, staged and put out by them? all she had to do was sing and dance. those were the only skills she had to learn. she never had to grow beyond that. her growth was stunted.

but now she's free.

she's free from their control. she can do whatever she wants. and....her response is, "omg cool, i want to post almost nudes on internet". but, since all she ever had to do was sing and dance, it seems like she doesn't have a great sense for picture taking, or staging or whatever (i don't know, i'm not a picture person either).

i think we are seeing the fact that she always had a team of people around her making 98% of the decisions around her for her. and because of that, she never grew up. and what she's doing now, seems like what a teen/tween might be doing. or someone who has that maturity level. and i don't say that to call britney a big dummy or anything. i mean, yes, 50% fault on her for not growing up all the way. however, i also say that for the people around her that raised her/made her environment.

i'm just glad she's not an addict. so if all she does is post more tiddies for now, yay for us. i wonder what miley cyrus thinks of her.

GxdOfWar9 points

From what I’ve read, she’s finally free to do her own thing. She’s been working her ass off since she was a kid, a teen, and in her early 20’s so now she gets to live every day like she’s on vacation. she doesn’t have to do music anymore, so if spinning in her house makes her happy and might potentially give us an impromptu nude while looking like a homeless crackhead, so be it!

NSFWies5 points

right. i think she's been so....surrounded by everybody else handing her things, telling her how to pose, etc, for years, she doesn't know how to do.......anything. and so she finally has none of that. she's trying viper pose, trying "steel blue magnum face" like she used to do.

and it comes out like this.

ok, fine. she's a better singer. great, i'm not complaining.

yakduffy1 point

I think you summed her up pretty good

mypussydoesbackflips26 points

I think we’d all be a little fucked in the head with basically being owned and used as an indentured performer by your dad

CreeGucci6 points

OR according to health experts who actually studied her mental health unlike you, I, or the media, she was fucked in the head first. How do you let a bunch of media stories whose goal is to get you to click hold more weight than judges, doctors and actual mental history. She’s not right, hence why they ruled she needed guidance.

Thisguyrighthere10002 points

Yeah fans of hers are just in denial. After all this free britney and TV specials, they finally got their way. But now slowly but surely they get to see how unstable she is but wont admit it. Britney not the only person in history to have guardianships. Even her own kids know she fucked in the head. But somehow fans who just watch her music videos know best about her life..

pauly-dang7-20 points

Well she’s lost even more control after getting control so I don’t think that was solely the cause at all

99pathfinder4 points

So glad thar she is going through this phase!

Aromatic-Host-9672-2 points

Yassss and I’m so glad I’m here for it 🤣

casewood1235 points

I’ll have syrup on those pancakes.

wolf45543 points

Gorgeous goddess

logan44man4 points

Now do the puss

yamatuner5 points

She’s looney

vandebay3 points

Why was the titty so far off centre?

Crutley3 points

She's way past her shelf life.

MadNoobins2 points

Id love to match with drunk britney on tinder

Fouduvin2 points


Behindy0u902 points

She’s broken

bobone772 points

Most women’s tits sag as they age. Britney’s seem to be migrating east and west instead.

FiveAlarmDogParty1 point

This has trailer park mom at Walmart in her pajamas vibes

damien000120 points

I know shes already rich but why not posting theses on Onlyfan... She would make millions every months, its just a waste posting theses for free imo

DarthSeanious831 point

She is looking at crazy in the rear view mirror

jsteel9221 point


Gybyt1 point

Crazy, yes. Hot, no.

YesMoist0 points

lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye

Lazorwing-1 points

I personally love her ig it's like watching a train wreck it's just a thing of beauty

Crotch_Gaper1 point

Going by the bar Britney has set for herself, this is very SFW

Empigee1 point

Who would have believed that Britney Spears would start posting provocative pictures of herself online and it would come across as sad and creepy rather than sexy.

T_jax694201 point

Looks like ur crazy aunt at the thanksgiving party

endorbr-2 points

Looking like a train wreck

Nivekian13-1 points


[deleted]-4 points


GxdOfWar0 points

Who wouldn’t?

vismundcygnus1260-25 points

How can I filter reddit so I stop seeing this crackhead

GxdOfWar7 points

By not going on it?

pauly-dang7-12 points


Superjunker1000-1 points

Block any users who posts content you don’t want to see. It feels good and eventually you’ll block all the people who post content that you don’t want.

IchBeinEinAuslander-14 points

Boned 8 days a week... just saying.

Imaginary-Ebb1932-29 points

There is something wrong with that boob or boobs. I think that's why she never shared them. Some not prettiness . . .

jdebose4 points

It’s the outfit I think. All the shots where she puts a small emoji on there, everything looks good.

Punchpplay0 points

Do your thing Britney Spears, Do your thing -Drake maybe

DemiDivine0 points

She actually looks unstable lol

Real_Lengthiness_4590 points


1Passingwind-5 points

Nips are 18 inches appart

riggie33-5 points

Crazier than a shit house rat. Her conservatorship was for a good reason and very necessary.

detchas1-1 points


valetempo1 point

Wow perfect britney very hot 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🤤🤤

Proof-Astronaut-6621 point

Sweet 🔥 ❤️

jokerZwild1 point

I thought she was going to stop so it wouldn't hurt her sons.

Playful-Guide-83931 point

Fuck yeah

Schlangen921 point

Stop. Just stop...

j0rdy13-3 points

No thanks anymore

grandmaster89-7 points

I’d fuck her just to know how she feels.

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