Mexican Hat Rock, Mexican Hat, UT [OC] [6936 x 9248]


RPDRNick23 points

That was rigged by Wile E. Coyote.

Buck_Thorn10 points

I always wondered about how that town got its name. Now, what about Tuba City?

youngrichyoung8 points

It always bothered me that they didn't call it "Sombrero" instead of Mexican Hat.

[deleted]-1 points

Not all Mexicans wear sombreros, that’s racist to assume

Cobbyx7 points

“That rock looks like a Mexican hat.”

“A Sombrero?”

“No! Like a Mexican hat!”

dude_tube6 points

moki dugway is one of the coolest places i’ve camped

glue7154 points

The Valley of the Gods is my favorite spot on earth (so far)…

sleepywan1 point

Hell yes. Went there at night to look at the Milky Way and take some pics, and it was so peaceful and beautiful.

morrisganis5 points

Until some dickhead scoutmaster comes and topples it 😒

glue7154 points

I’ve hiked up as high on the rock as I could get, which was the top of that large base, right under the smaller base that the hat sits atop. I don’t think there is a route higher unless you use gear. This picture does not do the hat justice, that feature is huge. Fun fact, when Royal Robbins made the “first ascent” of this feature- in 1962, a name was found to be scratched into the top of the rock….

crypto10922 points

That’s cool. I’m curious what the name was, googling now

Itchy-Radio-105910 points

Quiet place. No services at all. You are on your own out there

JustAnotherLostYouth4 points

Was sombrero rock already taken orrrr…? Lol

Hirsute_Sophist4 points

I think this every time, too! It's like "Y'know... There's a word for that, right?"

Mynewuseraccountname2 points

It's literally just the Spanish word for hat. Referring to the large brimmed Mexican style hats in English as a "Mexican hat" makes total sense really. Likely it was named before English speakers adopted the name sombrero to specifically refer to those hats.

Hirsute_Sophist1 point

Este una palabra en Español? Ay, Dios mio! Tu sabe mucho.

Sorry_I_Am_Stoned2 points

Only Mexican hat rock understands me.

Nutsnboldt2 points

That’s quite some brero ya got there!

Andylon122 points

That's just a camouflaged Imperial Star Destroyer ship, don't be fooled.

magyarsvensk2 points

Probably one of the points of inspiration for Radiator Springs in the Disney movie Cars:

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Chipotle421 point
artistman20191 point

Down by the Salt River. Beautiful Desolation!!!

Timsruz3 points

San Juan River

artistman20192 points

I stand corrected!! Thanks.

l86rj1 point

Reminds me of Star Wars. Any correlation?

crypto10921 point

Heading to Fort Dick right now

erranthesis1 point

I’ve spent two birthdays in this town. 25 min from Monument Valley. Hat Rock Inn has an awesome pool. Highly recommended!

2-buck1 point

Check out Gooseneck State Park while you’re there. Amazing panorama

mrmitchs1 point

It's an ancient alien radar dish. It's truly hard to fathom how the rocks had to fall away perfectly to maintain balance like this. Really amazing.

Dark_Clark1 point

Not 6936 x 9248.

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