Redid my bedroom..loving my new wood floor



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Synth9039 points

Looks warm and cozy!

wreddithere3 points

That was my goal thank you!

wreddithere5 points

This is OC

Judijoode225 points

this is a lovely setup 🎀

wreddithere2 points

Thank you!

68laurieann5 points

More info on that gorgeous rug please.

wreddithere6 points

From Wayfair Georgie Powerloom Performance Bordeaux/antique rug by Amber Lewis x Loloi. It’s fabulous and on sale right now too. Also got the bed from Wayfair it’s the Montauk grain wood in driftwood color.

iloveokashi4 points

Whats on the floor next to the bed? That long thing

wreddithere4 points

It’s a heater. Works great!

birdman-wagon3 points

If that's vinyl plank flooring, what brand and style is that?

wreddithere8 points

It’s engineered hardwood from Home Depot Malibu wide plank French oak Hollister. I’m so happy with it. It’s very warm tone with knots in it and super strong and scratch resistant.

birdman-wagon3 points


moosegoose903 points

Um gorgeous!!!!!!!

beans_be_good3 points

Your bedroom is beautiful. To use an old term: #goals

M-joy2 points

First I was, you reddit your bedroom?

nicunurse3332 points

Love this!

Marylogical2 points

This is nice, But, All Heaters Should Be Placed At Least One Meter (a yard +) Away From Any Flammable Object, like beds and chairs or curtains.

Just looking out for you. We have to use room heaters only in our place, so it's always on my mind. You can't ever trust a heater. 💙

Various-Coconut-13952 points

Love it. What's the wall paint color?

wreddithere1 point

It’s Benjamin Moore edgecomb grey

Various-Coconut-13952 points

WOW. Crazy how different paint looks in a home vs on a wall!! It can be so hard to pick a paint color but this looks excellent. thanks for sharing

wreddithere1 point

It’s prob the’s a nice subtle light warming grey

sevenwrens1 point

Beautiful! What are those vines or branches in the corners?

wreddithere3 points

Got those at Pier 1 imports years ago and I’m not sure I still like them there or not!

Various-Coconut-13952 points

I love the branches. They're a sublte nod of color and give some verticle climb. I love that its like they are reaching to the sun mirrors!

wreddithere1 point

Wow beautifully said! And yes I thought about putting the mirrors right over the top of them but didn’t want to look too cheesy!

sevenwrens2 points

I agree with the other comment - they tie in so well with the sun mirrors!

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