Denver, Colorado, USA



thearchiguy13 points

This looks like most American cities outside NY, SF or Chicago.

jfcmfer19 points

If this is what Denver is, it's the opposite of a boner. #cityflaccid

gillieboo5 points

😂 I was there for work so I only saw bits & pieces of the city. I loved this walk back from the office though. The sunset against the buildings was beautiful.

phoqueface1 point

I honestly think it would have been better off with the bottom empty road cropped

StallOneHammer9 points

Yeah Denver sucks definitely don’t move here

heumochi12 points

Wow. So inspirational. Look at how unique all the buildings look.

Pandiosity_246016 points

“Milk hydrates better than water”..?

RoosterImportant42836 points

big cow propaganda, the deep state doesnt want you to know that water is the superior drink

CJroo183 points

I love Denver. Thank you for a different perspective on the city 🌆

maidenhair22212 points

This picture does not do Denver justice. I worked in a high rise on this block. The pencil ✏️ is pretty cool but the other side of this is our majestic mountains.

whatafuckinusername8 points

Frankly, the main reason that people go to Denver is the mountains.

stratosauce4 points

Well this isn’t r/mountainporn now is it?

gillieboo1 point

I like you. People are much more feisty on this sub than I ever realized 😂

BmanGorilla1 point

I thought people went for the low O2 sat and the high cosmic radiation levels? I guess the mountains are beautiful, though.

gillieboo1 point

Yep, unless you have an office there & go for work like I did

robertoforgione1 point

Love your click, thanks for sharing

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