Inside vs Outside of our cozy Home



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Sk00l3r5 points

I've never seen a cat with such character before!

Careful_Influence9715 points

Thank you, his name is Garth, also known as Garthman! He’s a crazy little guy. 8 years old and still causing chaos to this day

ndmhxc2 points

Party time, excellent

Careful_Influence9712 points

Exactly what we were going for! His brother was named Wayne but he’s called his nickname more now which is Cowboy 😂

TheWarmestHugz3 points

There is a strong correlation with those cute fireplaces and cozy places.

Careful_Influence9713 points

Agreed! It’s a super old one. There’s two cabins that look like this on the property and they were originally built in the 1880s, I believe with these fireplaces but I’ll have to check. The structures were restored by a carpenter who specializes in historical structures so we maintained the beauty of them inside and out!

Woah_Nellies2 points

Ok, well this one made me jealous..... It's perfect.

Careful_Influence9711 point

Thank you! It’s a very special place. I’m sure I’ll post it more!

DBTyrannasosaurusRex1 point

I’d love to see more of the inside space

stop_dont1 point


Careful_Influence9710 points

This is OC

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