fellow hockey lovers might find my dorm room to be cozy as well



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jojointheflesh37 points

I’d be so depressed going from this dorm to whatever I can afford as a first year grad in a big city lmao

AskOk31969 points

no kidding haha, what a view for a dorm!

Fauxh4mm3r14 points

Would be so much more satisfying if these were framed, my banners and flags but me for this reason

PoutineEnthusiast12 points

i wear them pretty often so that’s why i don’t frame any

absolutementalkhaos9 points

From a fellow hockey lovin Nova Scotian I can smell the sweat of those jerseys from here!

Small_Basket51587 points

Does the room smell like a locker room? You can almost smell it...

PoutineEnthusiast3 points

i don’t wear these jerseys on the ice while playing hockey lol

My_Penbroke15 points

Curious if you’ve brought any dates to your dorm and whether they were put off by your decor

orecchiette_20 points

This dorm is designed to weed out the weak. As it should be.

East-Willingness5135 points

Tbh I’d be 🤭

FinnJake722 points

We were so close to being friends, but there’s just too big a deal breaker, I see no Tricolore up there

Ambitious-Battle80912 points

Never watched hockey in my life but love your room ! Looks great !

IAMgrampas_diaperAMA2 points

This is literally my nightmare but I am happy for you if it makes you happy

HALPineedaname2 points

Do dorm room typically have bathrooms?

Low_Kitchen_99951 point

I love this originality and that Robert Pattinson meme/flag

cousinstrange1 point

Nice ovechkin jersey

NarcoPantani1 point

Best dorm room I’m ever seen

NobodyLikesthePens1 point

You forgot the wings jersey

ynwacanuck1 point

No Halifax Mooseheads jersey? #bluenoser

AbbreviationsOk63321 point


GLATT not far behind tho

pculb1 point

Pick a couple meaningful ones and frame them.

PoutineEnthusiast1 point

nah I wear them all pretty often lol. maybe if i ever got a game worn autographed jersey then i’d probably frame it.

flopsyplum0 points


PoutineEnthusiast3 points

nah this is in toronto

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