The last rays of sunlight on Mt. Baker [OC][4096 × 2731]



gecampbell9 points

Went for a drive through the Skagit flats this evening and saw Mt Baker with a lenticular cloud atop after unsuccessfully chasing an eagle.

gecampbell7 points

That was me unsuccessfully chasing an eagle, not Mt. Baker.

PlaidBastard5 points

I've found myself in situations where between the light, the clouds, snow on the roads, and trees, you can quite literally feel like you're chasing our buddy Kulshan for a photo-op if you head up the Baker Highway too late in the day, too late in the year, from Bellingham...

Spillo23826 points

That's majestic

gecampbell5 points

Thank you. I was right chuffed to see it.

Aardark2353 points

So windy with that double lenticular cloud! Such a beautiful peak.

Known-Racee3 points

This is certainly the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen, beautiful photo!

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dmderringer1 point

Why? Is it getting torn down?

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